Me ~ MVision (see the redbubble thing above in the http line) is Micki and Andrew Ferguson ~ That is our business name Mvision Photography LLC

ME ~ well ME ~ is just MICKI ~ I have to put MVision down because I am the one uploading the stuff.

So me, Micki ~some of you know me from other places. right!

Yep, me ~ HA!

I know you are thinking, HEY I know her. Well maybe you do.

So we have disclaimer. This is not just MY Redbubble. It is the business one. I thought that it was a better idea to just make it the business one. So lots of the sunsets are his. I can’t claim BLUE or Torri Gate or some of the others (sad) but some of them are mine.

But I do the post processing on everything or rather NOTHING gets uploaded without my tweaking it and making sure the sharpness and the picture is just right. I am post process person (happy). Everything is copyrighted under our BUSINESS name Mvision Photography LLC and Andrew is one of my Photographers just like Torrey (my daughter) is.

If you are interested in seeing more of our work please take a look at our website


Also I would like to thank my mother who recently go her a Bubble.

She is not a professional but she has a passion for taking pictures of everything and she has encouraged me from day one to follow my dream. Without her I wouldn’t be here at all. Thank you MOM!

Love you all! :)


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Please feel free to e-mail us there at if you have any questions about setting fees or any other questions.

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today my mom's (Ciana's) best (kitty) friend is gone :(

her scootle bug :( / !Ciana, Icesrun!: is my mom / he died today :( / I am beyond sad. / Sad sad sad :( / Love you very very very very much mom. Love ~ me
Posted over 8 years – 13 comments

For my MOM ~ prayers please

I changed all my pictures on my front page. / Please look if you want / My mom HERE (known as icesrun) has been having some heart issues and well she is back in the hospital for more tests. / I have been lacking in the bubble as of late because I moved to Maryland and then went back to Austin to make sure everything was ok because she went into the hospital and then BAM now she’s back in t…
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ok I am not out there just kissing fishes and dissapeared...

I have been really busy and just trying to get ready to move. / Trying to get my priorities straight and well did I say busy. / It have been one of those things where I didn’t have time to do everything and honestly I can’t upload my stuff here if I am charging people for the pics. / So if you want to take a look at what I have been up to take a look at my new stuff at my website mvis…
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Back Home... been away.....just checked in 271 e-mails oh my

I haven’t checked my Bubble in about two weeks as I have been on the road and gone and such. / My Granddad died and so I went to Phoenix and then back to Austin do some stuff and be with my mother for a while. So I just wanted to say thanks to some of you that were there in spirit with me and sorry to those of you that I didn’t keep up with. / My hubby stayed here and was still takin…
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