once in a castle filled with bubbles, there lived a bohemian single celled organism named specimen A.
Specimen A frequented the lookout in the castle most nights. When specimen A wasn’t there he could be found elsewhere.
On occasion he would get stuck in a bubble. As he had no arms or legs, or a body for that matter, he just had to sit inside the bubble until it decided it was bored enough to pop.
POP! went the bubble one day and split Specimen A in two. Now specimen A had a twin! Specimen A named the twin, Specimen fred.
Specimen A and specimen Fred found they had a lot in common.
They both had no arms, they both had no legs, they both had no torso.
Matter of fact neither of them had much of anything.
And they both couldnt speak!
So they spent the day as any self respecting single celled organism would. They didnt move. The bubbles would push them, float them, get them stuck inside them, and even stick them on their sides. Til one day a mythical creature came upon the castle and decided to make it home.
Mythical creatures name was 1011101010000.
1011101010000 didnt really enjoy bubbles, so he pushed them all down into the basement. Poor little Specimen A and Specimen Fred got stuck on a few bubbles and ended up in the basement with all the bubbles.
The bubbles were furious that 1011101010000 was pushing them round, so they went into a popping frenzy!
Until all the bubbles were just a gooey mixture of water and concentrated liquid.
Unbeknownst to Specimen A and Specimen Fred, while all this was taking place, they too were popping! seconds later, there was a low rumble coming from below the castle.
From between the cracks in the floor bubbles up a rare earth metal by product that comes from the neutron bombardment of plutonium.
radiating its radiation everywhere, it gets stuck in a bubble and floats to the roof under nuclear energy. As this rare earth metal by product that comes from the neutron bombardment of plutonium has a starnge and cosmic force of gravity, pushing out making the bubble bigger, while still gravitating everything to it as the centre of gravity. Also creating a unique force of random trajectory.
bouncing on the ceiling, the bubble is sure to burst eventually. But because of the strange and cosmic force of the rare earth metal by product that comes from the neutron bombardment of putonium (which we will call Einsteinium from here onin) the bubble has taken on super powers.
It is able to split personalities, expand and contract on command, perform almost impossible mid air acrobatics while still holding shape, warping to fit through any space, no matter how small, and also…to pop and regroup.
But as the halflife of einsteinium is only 20 hours earth time, the constant forces acting on it, from the psycho bubble who was pushed down into the basement, the einsteinium implodes creating a void in the space time continuum for what will eventually turn into forever, but for now only lasted 1/10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
of a 1/1000 of a second earth time.
Swirling everything into the vacuum of the void then spitting it all back out all in the space of that time frame I mentioned just before, which soon enough will be forever ago. As all this happened, the unique force of random trajectory created and thus destroyed within the einsteinium, created then dissipated a unique random trajectory mushroom cloud in all directions. Then as quick as it appeared, which is faster than the speed of light, it folded in on itself, sealing the passage through time. So as it happens, forever came along alot quicker than expected.
But the furious bubble didn’t lose its powers in the blast. Oh no! It became stronger, able to manipulate itself in any direction in an infinite distance, on command. The only problem with this process is it takes forever to acheive. But as the space time continuum was broken, forever was happening all the time.
Specimen A felt its domed cell, and surprised as it was, it could reach it with its outstretched limb. It realised it could see too, making it double excited. Swinging its large domed cell around it surveyed the room. It was thinking about what it was seeing. Forget that a forever (as forevers are the new time measurement with the space time continuum broken) it thought, I think, therefore I am!
But this lead to a conundrum. I think, that has become evident, but I am what?
I am A.
Now that that puzzle was solved, the surveying of the room began again. There was movement. sliding through the water with concentrated liquid A bumped into something. I think, therefore I am A. it said.
I think therefore I am Fred the other said.

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