Milestone for MuscularTeeth - Video Hits

Heya Everyone !

Today i reached a nice little milestone of 30,000 video hits on my youtube account .
The tipping point came when Redbubble went down for the upgrade of Calandars and people were given a link to the redbubble montage black and white vid… I got just over 500 hits getting me over the milestone.

Youtube represents a largish proportion of my “brand” for my music and video side, so its important. Adding up all the hits from all the vid sites i exceed 60,000.

So I’m very proud of my accomplishment and would ask you go get a glass of champagne, beer, wine, vodka, or poison of your choice and celebrate with me…

and i will leave you with 2 favorite video links of mine;


The latest Redbubble Video – Monsters, foklore and fantasy

Enjoy. .. and thanks to EVERYONE for being a viewer, particpant, collegue and comrade in this rollercoaster thingy called Life.

I really do appreciate it.

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