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A New Frontier

I’ll make this brief but today is important.
Today scientists in France have officially turned on and have begun testing their massive machine called CERN or “Large Hadron Collider”.
Now you may or may not have heard about it, but its so important you should know…

First this thing is a wonderful achievement in cross border relations – dozens of countries got together with scientists and built this machine that has cost 10 Billion Euros.

So, whats it do and why is it important say you?

I’ll keep this very simple so we can all understand;

Basically we know that all the rules of physics doesnt fit the way the universe acts.
We all know of gravity and we can measure it and predict things like bungee ropes, orbits of satellites, ballistics in cannons and so on….

Now, the Universe and the galaxies are all spreading apart, and scientists quickly did some figures and tried to see if the rate that the galaxies are spreading out from one another fits with what we know… and it doesnt..
Not by a little bit either, but by a big bit.
Scientist have a pretty good idea of the “weight” of galaxies and using current models of physics could see that the universe should have spread far apart by now – it should in fact be spreading out 9 times faster in fact than it actually is.

So scientist started investigating and sure enough, there can only be accounted 1/9 of all the weight of the gravity… something is out there we cant actually see, but weighs and has a gravity effect on the universe… so they call this invisible stuff which interferes with gravity Dark MAtter
Dark because we cant see it and matter cos it weighs something in gravity…

so we know there is something out there we dont understand about physics….

ok back to this machine and what it does;

its job is to get a sub atomic particle and send it whizzing along the 27 kilometers of circular track at almost the speed of light.
it (the atom) will be fired and then curved along the track by huge magnets which are cooled to below the temperature of outer space (-273 deg kelvin from memory)..
and so the particle is held along the track by magnets..

what they are going to do is get 2 particles and fire them in opposite directions of the circular track and make them hit one another.

the tremendous speed of these hits should do some pretty weird things to physics and will mimic (hopefully) the conditions of microseconds after the big bang…

and hopefully get to see this Dark Matter to which we know is there, we just cant see.

This will lead to understanding the universe and how it all works – and is just as important as when humankindlearnt that the world wasnt flat or that stuff was made of atoms…

thanks for reading, it was all off the top of my head.. i just wanted to spread the joy of this..

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