I Need Your Help


I’ve recently uploaded a very important music track to Australia’s Triple J Unearthed competition .

This track, Coming Together, was used in the redbubble video BLACK AND WHITE

I humbly beseech you to go to my artists site at JJJ unearthed and listen to and vote for COMING TOGETHER.

On the page, to the right are the 3 tracks ive got on the site; Merciful (which reached 1st in the elecronic genre), COMING TOGETHER (which i want you to vote for) and RISE (which was also used in a redbubble video).

You can download for free all 3 tracks.

To vote click on the RATE button and vote away – id love comments too.
and apologies, you will need to register, but please dont let it dissuade you – it only takes seconds…

I cannot thank you enough for reading this, and hopefully, listening to and voting for my music.

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