What the fark is wrong with some people?
how can you so badly abuse TAG systems? i mean sure, try and come up with every related tag to your artwork is fine, but ust linking random words to a piece of artwork is just uncouth and not on.

If YOU see unreasonable TAGS, let them know, and shame them. Redbubble apparantly is powerless to stop this themselves at this point in time..
If tags arent used sensibly,they dont work.

here is an example of the tags added to a tshirt. only a handful could possibly be construed as related to the subject matter – the rest are just to grab any one trawling through redbubble.

9dartfinish a_mind_blogs aaa aahhhh aan_de_jury aaron abc about abstract abstraction afica africa agenda ai aibo alchemy alea algorithm algorithms alice alife alphabet amoeba analects anarchism anarcho ancient animal animalart animallanguage animals animats annoying anthrax anti ants arab arch archaic archimedes architecture archive arnheim arp arse art artbrut artefacts article asemic ashby astrology atavism atlas auden audio augmented austen authors autism autobiography autocatalytic automatic_writing automaticwriting automatism automaton avantgarde awareness baboon baby babylon backgammon backhouse bacon bacteria bacteriapoetics bacteriopoetic bacteriopoetics bacterioprosaic baordgames barneveld bath beats bee behaviour berlin bey beyonc� bible binary binet biofilm biography biology biosensor biotactics birds blabla blind blindfolded blog blogging blogimpsest blogject blogjects blogs blood blot boardgames boardology body bokito bonanza bonobo book bookcover books bots box brain breakcore breakdown breton bruno budha budhism bugs burma burroughs butler cage calligraphy calvino canada cantos cardgames cards carpet carroll cathay cats ccru cell cellular cellularautomata celtic celts chain chainreaction chaos chart checkers cheese chemistry chemotaxis chess chesterton child childhood chimp chimpanzee chimps china chinese chinoiseri chinoiserie church city classics clay clip clipping clock cnote cocteau code codework cognition cognitive cognitive_art cohen coil coleridge coli collection colonies comic comics communication comparison compost computation computer computergame computergames computers computing conceptnet conceptual confucius conley connections connectron conspiracy constructor control conversation cosmetic cosmology costume counting coutzee cover covers creativity creatures crime critter cropcircle crowley cruelty crystal crystalpunk crystalpunk_bauhaus crystalpunkworkshop crystals culture curiosa cursive cut cutting cutup cybernetics cyborg cycling dada dadafrica danaan darts darwin darwinism data dataisnature dawkins dead death deco deepblue deleuze deluge demons demonstration dequincey descartes design development devil diagram diary dice diluca disco disease divination diy dmt dna doll dolphins doodle dopage dotwalk draughts drawing drawingmachine drawings dream dreams dress drift drosophilia drugs dubstep duchamp duck e earth east ecoli ectopic education egerton egypt einstein electrochemical elephant elephants elliot emergence emigration emperor emporer encoding encyclopedia endo endophysics enema energy england enschede entopics entoptics environment epram ernst esoteric ethno etnography event evodevo evolution excitibility experiement experience experiment exploitation extrahumanintelligence eyemovement face faces fake fang fashion feedback fennolosa fenollosa feral_children fff fibonacci film findableobjects finding fingerfluting fish fiske flame flaw flg flowers fluting fly form foundobject foundobjects fractal frazer fredkin freeling french freud frobenius fry fuller fungi ga galton gameboards gamelibre games gargoyle gargoylecomputation gargoylecomputing gdansk generative genes genius gens geometry germs gestalt ghost gibbon gibbons giga ginsberg glitterati globe gloss glossolia glowlab go god gods goethe goethite gogbot gombrich gonzo google goom gorilla gorillas gothic gothiccomputation gps graces graffiti graph graphomania grasshopper graves gravity greatwriter greece greywalter grid grime gui guts gysin hackney hallman handicap harbour hardware havannah hawksmoor hebbian hermit herms hess hesse hex hexagon hieroglyph history hive hnefatafl hobo home homeostatis hopi hormone horror horse house hugo human hunchbacked huxley hyperstition iceland iching iconography ideas ideogram illusion image images imagination india industrial influenza information inspiration instrument intentionlesintelligence intentionlessintelligence interaction interview interviews inventor inventors invite jantzen japan jaynes jetan jo johnnyf journal journalism jpr jung jungle jungleaaa kangaroo kapot kasparov kennethwhite kings kircher klee klingon knowing koestler koko korea kufic lacscaux lamb landart landscape langauge language lascaux lasker learning leary lego leibnitz leiden leiris lemurs lenin lexigram li_po library life limeline lines link list lists literarture literature littlemind littleminds locative logic lolita london loop lorens love lsd ludogenesis ludology machine machines mackenna mad madagascar madness magazine magic magick magnetics magnetism mahjong mailer malraux maluma mancala manchu mandala mandragora manifesto manuel manuscript manuscripts mao map maps marchal mars mary mascot mask masks masson material math maths matter maya maze mckenna meaning meat media medicine megla memes memetics memo memory mescal mescaline metabolic metabolics method mexico mica michaux mikado miller mind mindcontrol mindmap mindmapper mineral ming minsky mitochondria mnemogenic model moire molecule moleskin money monk monkey monkeys monobrain monument moore motile moura movement movies moving muir mumbai murder muse museum music mutantfilm mutual myers mythology myths nabokov nadia naked nakedlunch napoleon nation native nature naxi near needham nestorian neumann neural neuralnet neuro neuron neurons newpaper nick nietzsche ninemensmorris nixon noise notation notebook notebooks novel novelty nude nudes numbers nuna objects occult ocean octopus ogham onlyonenativelanguage onlyonenativespeaker opium optics oracle oraclebone organic origin originoflanguage originoflife origins originsoflife orkan orkney os osmotic oulipo overview p packing pagoda paining paint painting paitings palimpsest paper paranoia parasite parasites parlett parrots pask pathway pathways pattern patternformation patternrecognition patternrecognized patterns patternsrecogized patternsrecognised patternsrecognized pattersrecognised paul peking pentacoste permaculture permutation persia perspective pesticide petridish petro philipp philosophy photek physics picasso picture pictures pigs place places plague plant play players pml poe poem poems poetic poetics poetry poets poety politics polo pook portrait pound power prehistoric prehistory presentation preview primatalogy primatepoetic primatepoetics primates primitive primitivism prints problem processing professor programmerwisdom programming propaganda propagande prose prussia psychedelia psychedelic psychoactive psychogeography psychology psycholudology psychulogy public_entry punk puzzle puzzles pynchon python qing qoute qoutes quasispecies quaternion quilt quorum_sensing quorumsensing quote quotes radio random reaction reading recognised rekveld religion report reptile retrieval reverie reversi review ricci riddim rithmomachy robot robotics robots rockart rocks rohit roman romanticism romantics rome roomology rooms rosen rossler rothenberg rudiger rules russia russian san sand sargant savages scans scapulomancy schach school science scifi scipts scotland scrabble screen scribble script scripting scripts scrying sea search sefar self self_organisation selfassemble selfassembly selfeducation selflesswriting selforganisation selforganising selkirk semweb seti sex shaman shannon shell shelley sickness silkroute simms simoni siri sixties sketch sleep slime slimemold slimemolds slogging sloth snyder socialfiction soft softarchitecture software solved solving song songs sort sorting sound space spart species spirits ssembly stairs stamina starmap stars startrek statements steel steels steiner sticks stills stimergy stones story strategy stream street streetart structure stupa style suicide sun superstition surrealim surrealism swarm swazlle swift symbol symbolic symbolism symbols systems tactics tadpole tafl tagging takete tang tangram tanguy tao tattoo taxonomy taz tea tents tetris theatre thinking thomas thoughts tibet tiles time timeline tintin tolstoi tom tomb tower toxoplasmosis trace traces translating translation translations tree treeoflife trost turingtest turk turner turriphilia tutorial tzara ufo unintentionalintelligence universalconstructor universe up urban urbandata urbanxml usa utopia valentine variant variation vatican vehicle venus video videogame view vikings virus vision visualisation visualization voices vonneumann wain waley walk walking walks wallpaper war wee weinberger weiqi welsh why wiener wildtype wiley wireworld woese wolfram wood wookie woolf wordgames words workshop worm worms writers writing writingmachine writingmachines xanadu xiangqi xml xtreem yage yao yeats yote zen zerzan zines zoo zweig zymoglyphic

the ONLY benefit i saw was that the sheer number of tags attached to the artwork made it almost impossible to load.

If your tagging your artwork inappropriatly, think of what it does to the tagging system – it renders it useless, thus no one will use it, and all your hardwork is for naught.


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