Late one night, during a warm, sticky January summer, a very happy man decided to slide into his car and take it for the most joyous ride of his life.

After a two minute struggle, he finally found where the ignition key slot was. He inserted the key as he slowly drifted forward in his seat until his head rested on the steering wheel. He was unsure how long he had rested there, but the fun was about to begin as he slapped his face a few times to pump the adrenalin into his body.

He turned the key and lurched forward as the kangaroo, which patiently waited within the clutch of the car, had been unleashed. Again he turned the key, and again he had forgotten to press down on the clutch. Finally the realisation of how to drive had dawned on him. He shook himself to stir some sensibility within him, and started the ride of his life.

His foot pressed heavily upon the accelerator. He had become irritated at the fact of not getting anywhere, for the time he had already spent in his car. He unleashed the radio, vibrating the sounds of angst within the capsule of the car. The engine revved heavily as the car catapulted down the driveway towards the road.

Looking down to insert a tape into his deck, a coinciding thump was felt on the outside of the car as he crossed the footpath to enter the traffic. The screams of the music blared violently through his ears. The car seemed to drag. There seemed to be a weight restricting the power of the car. The man, becoming aggravated at the obstinacy of his car, unleashed further power through the accelerator, to the sounds of wailing screams of the engine.

Again, there seemed to be something restricting the movement of the car – the wheels seemed jammed under him. He gave the steering wheel a violent turn. The car shuddered as if hitting a speed bump.

The man was startled as to what had just happened. The car stalled. The car, together with his heart, came to a sudden halt. In the state of confusion, the man re-ignited the engine, and for some inexplicable reason – which he would constantly question and re-live in prison – placed the clutch into reverse. The car heaved and jolted until the engine once again came to a listless end.

The stream of car light shone upon the moment of terror. The body lay motionless after the car had reversed over it. The man noticed that the clump of twisted body was cloaked in a haze of smoke.

He clamoured out of his car, and collapsed in a heap of cluttered thoughts.

An eternity passed until the sound of sirens were heard.

An eternity passed until the trial was concluded.

An eternity of guilt had been unleashed upon him.

An eternity would barely be enough for this man to resolve himself of the consequences that came to him in this monumental moment of time.

The End

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