Come Write in #21 - We can all be heroes

Why is it we go through life needing heroes? We all do it – some consciously and some do it subconsciously. Some are serious, some flippant, and some completely misguided.…

We call these heroes all sorts of things. Some are mentors, teachers and even our parents. Some people idolise the values and masculinity of comic book heroes like Batman and Superman or the strength, independence and rebelliousness of Wolverine. We worship religious figures, celebrities, actors or people who excel in their fields like doctors, scientists, business people.

There’s the intellectuals, the artists, writers and philosophers who could be named. And then there are ‘every day’ heroes; people we have met and admired and perhaps even aspire to be like them.

Are you anyone’s hero? I never, ever thought I would pu

How long is forever?

In the short time since forever began, there’s been a kitchen fire creating smelly chaos, a fat suit filled with turkey and veg, a CEO snappy about sweet biscuits, an interesting trick with garden beans, and unfortunate reincarnations.

Are you intrigued by this piece of forever? You should be. And if you want to join in and contribute a piece of your own forever in 150 words or less, pop into the forum at Flash Fiction and see what title is currently up for grabs.

This is the ‘funnest’ challenge I’ve seen unfolding in a long time. For details click here

Come Write In #18 - Sacked!

Okay, I lost my job. I was with them for six years without pay rate change and ‘had the nerve to ask for an increase’ when, according to my lovely former boss, I was delivering work that was ’amateurish at best’. Funnily enough this was the first time she had mentioned it and I thought the fact that my stories were being published almost all the time without any alteration meant she was happy with them.…

I won’t go into doing the ‘he said/she said’ crap. All of that is bouncing around in my shocked skull and it’s getting me down. But I will say that I am now firing myself up to get on with what I love and what I believe I was put on this earth to do! Fiction!

I’m currently doing the final corrections to Flashback. I hope to the gods and stars that it will be online ready for purchase by Fr

Come Write In #16 - The importance of 'IT'.

Nope, it’s not a journal about information technology. So stop right here if you expected thus!…

When I talk about IT I may be joking or a may be completely serious. You might never know which it is. I refuse, though, to use the line “it’s only a joke” in defense of what I am saying. When I express my ideas about IT, I don’t believe I need any defense whatsoever. Why the hell should I be questioned over things that I may or may not believe? Why is it important to you that I should have the same views as you on everything to do with IT?

What is far more important to me than whether or not you agree with me about IT, is that I present you with the idea of IT and you might then have a damned good think about all of IT. I cannot impress on you strongly enough how important to our very existen

Why do I write, why bother?

I need to write this but I will try not to be dour. It’s something I need to do and if you read it then I am grateful for your interest, and if you comment, then I am honoured..…

I’ve been given cause to pause in recent days, weeks … months even – yes, a long pause … to think over and over about why I write creatively and what does it do for me. Is it really worth the angst? Can I be bothered expending energy and pouring out my creativity onto the page where it either is criticised for being light and fluffy or just not read?

The first point I guess is to declare that I don’t write purely for catharsis. Like most writers, I have to do it, yet I feel the process is incomplete if no one reads it and has some sort of reaction.

The urge is within me although a great deal of procrastination c

Head in the Sand!

I hate to admit it, but my head has been in the sand an awful lot with regards to Redbubble’s woes and now I must journalise about it because I’ve just discovered (very late in the piece) that two of my favourite writers on the bubble have left. Gayla Drummond and JCMontgomery are no more! And I feel deeply saddened by this. I wish I’d known they were going before they left.…

Can anyone enlighten me as to why they are gone?

And I guess it’s time I stopped hiding and started being much more proactive on RB again as I love this place BECAUSE of the people here as much as about what they create. I don’t know how I can be more active, but I will try to participate more in terms of challenges as a member, and trying to engage the people currently in my groups.

Many say the loss of key members i

Emerging Writers Festival

The next Melbourne Emerging Writers’ Festival has extended to a ten day event this year, starting Friday 22 May!…

The following is an email from Festival Director David Ryding with some fantastic news about events and opportunities for writers. If you’re interested, why not subscribe to David’s EWF news by email .

Or you might like to get in touch with other writers and find out what’s happening here

From David
From Friday May the 22nd to Sunday the 30th the Emerging Writers
festival will be showcasing, championing and generally igniting emerging writers over ten days in a wide range of events combining the old favourites with some special new programs.

New events will include our new performance event /Speakers Corner/, our young and emerging series /In the pub/, our first /Living Library/

A never ending story

Care to add to the tale?

This is the title of a new, moderated thread in the Writers Forum

The rules are only that each installment should be under 150 words, and that the thread will be moderated to keep the story flowing.

Anyone can join in – you don’t have to be a member of any group or even consider yourself a “writer”. Let’s see where our soap opera (if that’s what it turns into) will take us.

I’m hoping this will help to breathe a little life into the Writers Forum.
Wish me luck!

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