COME WRITE IN #19 – Who is Eddie Teasedale?

I’ve posed the following questions early in my novel “Grim Harvest” which is the sequel to Haunting Emma. The question is: who the hell is Eddie Teasedale and why is he important?…

I have no idea – what I mean is I have not settled on an answer. But there are plenty of possibilities. I’m curious as to why I chose his name in the first place. I’m curious that he popped into my head when I was writing the second chapter of my book and he really was an unannounced character. I had no distinct inspiration for this person.

Here’s what I know about Eddie so far.

We first hear about Eddie from his wife Ruby who has her palm read by Emma at the local cow paddock carnival. Ruby thinks Eddie is cheating on her. He most likely is not, but he is holding a deep, dark, nasty secret.

Emma gets Vinny on

Come Write In #18 - Sacked!

Okay, I lost my job. I was with them for six years without pay rate change and ‘had the nerve to ask for an increase’ when, according to my lovely former boss, I was delivering work that was ’amateurish at best’. Funnily enough this was the first time she had mentioned it and I thought the fact that my stories were being published almost all the time without any alteration meant she was happy with them.…

I won’t go into doing the ‘he said/she said’ crap. All of that is bouncing around in my shocked skull and it’s getting me down. But I will say that I am now firing myself up to get on with what I love and what I believe I was put on this earth to do! Fiction!

I’m currently doing the final corrections to Flashback. I hope to the gods and stars that it will be online ready for purchase by Fr

Still time for a trip down memory lane over Christmas

To all you Flash Fictionaires and those who are fans of our fantastic group, there is still time (with express postage) to get your copies of Flashback 2010.…

Just a note; today a corrected version has been uploaded to blurb. So, if you get confused about the two versions, one is invite only and can’t be ordered (this done just in case there are orders outstanding on it). The link below will take you to the corrected version.

It’s just the ticket for those with little time, who commute, have short attention spans or are after short, sharp and poignant work by some of the best writers on Redbubble – and the world mwahahahahaha (whoops, sorry, bit of mania creeping in there). But truly it’s a work we should all be proud of and a jolly good read.

Flashback 2010
Available now from Blurb.

What are the critics saying?

Okay, confession up front. This is not so much about critics as it is about what the readers are saying about Haunting Emma. My ego is so malleable, and not everything written is good but most has been just wonderful. So I thought I’d present some things said so far right here.…

Indulge me.

Allison said:
well I took your book with me on my holiday and read it on my travels. I am not a reader at all but I was determined to read it, I can tell you I was so dissapointed when I finally put it down. Not that it was bad but that it ended. I absolutely loved it Anne, it was intriguing, confusing, consuming and I never wanted to put it down. I made myself read it slowly on our trip a few chapters at a time ‘cause I knew while reading it that I didn’t want it to end. Are your other books similar?

3, 2, 1 ... we have lift off.

For the last couple of months I’ve been focused on a project very close to my heart. Can you guess? Yes, yes, it was publishing my first book, Haunting Emma. Sunday 29 March was the day for me to officially release my story to the world and I chose to do this at the local Blacksmith Forge Book Barn (a bookshop seemed to be a logical place).…

At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to share this special event with many bubblers because coincidentally I had chosen the same weekend as the Melbourne Writers Retreat. So imagine my surprise if you will when they decided to move from east to west and hold their retreat in Bacchus Marsh!

Invitations were also mailed out to friends, family and local people I have come to know quite well. And an article in the local paper in the lead up also pimped th

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