My 2010 retrospective

Okay, Danny suggests I should review the year’s activities and it’s a bit of a scary thought. Will there be reams of links or hardly any? So here goes:…

January 01, 2010: Lorraine Creagh put the call out to her friends on Facebook to put some words to her photograph of an old house in New South Wales.

I wrote the story In these four walls and felt hugely inspired to do other stories based on Redbubble images. My invitation out to bubblers was responded to by about 30 generous individuals. Even though the project was supposed to be a weekly deal (and I achieved this for the first two months) it is only trundling along now. However, a book will result a little further along and it is one of my ongoing key projects.

The list so far is here

Nope, not insulting you, my dear reader. This won

Still time for a trip down memory lane over Christmas

To all you Flash Fictionaires and those who are fans of our fantastic group, there is still time (with express postage) to get your copies of Flashback 2010.…

Just a note; today a corrected version has been uploaded to blurb. So, if you get confused about the two versions, one is invite only and can’t be ordered (this done just in case there are orders outstanding on it). The link below will take you to the corrected version.

It’s just the ticket for those with little time, who commute, have short attention spans or are after short, sharp and poignant work by some of the best writers on Redbubble – and the world mwahahahahaha (whoops, sorry, bit of mania creeping in there). But truly it’s a work we should all be proud of and a jolly good read.

Flashback 2010
Available now from Blurb.

Poems of Remembrance

Two years ago, on the spur of the moment, I wrote a Remembrance Day poem, mostly in my head as I took photos of the ceremony for the local paper. I wondered what the school children gathered around the cenotaph thought of the proceedings and remembered the assemblies at school with kids shuffling their feet and listening to some old codger talking about the war and unimaginable conditions many endured in the trenches. They were unimaginable to us because it was a world away and forty years before we were born. It seemed like such a long time ago, ancient history even! Now I’m in my forties I wonder how today’s kids see it all even though there have been recent wars although nothing like the ‘Great War’ and the Second World War, I guess.…

But it is these recent wars that have brought home t

A question about permissions

I’m fairly confident when it comes to photography permissions. I’ve been doing that for a long time. But what about art/paintings?…

A couple of weeks ago I took a stack of photographs of a band performing in the Bourke St Mall. Public place and all that … and hadn’t really thought about using the photos for anything. In fact, I emailed the band and offered the photos to them gratis as I quite liked them and I hate the thought of anything I like languishing in my files. I didn’t hear back from them. Perhaps they thought I was trying to sell them or something.

However, one of the photos I’m using to work up a portrait for the Corell Painter challenge. It’s one that I like not because the quality of the photo is good – that’s average – but because I love the expression on the singer’s face

Images Project - an update

As we get close to the end of 2010 I realise with a little shock, but not surprise, that a New Year’s resolution or goal I set for myself in January is far from reached and realistically I won’t achieve it this year. Sunny side up is that it’s the sort of thing that doesn’t have a finality to it.…

Do you remember me announcing to the world that I would write a story a week base don a photograph I see on Redbubble?

If not, here’s the nutshell story. I had hoped to write enough stories for a book that would be ready by December. I managed quite a few, started a number of stories that couldn’t be resolved, then got caught up in the irksome business called life and had to shelve the project.

However, the shelving status is temporary and I plan to restart this very special project ESPECIALLY as

Please allow me to introduce you to ...

She is my crazy, lovely neighbour who has loaned me goats and a variety of baby animals. Serenity and I are planning a baby animals calendar for our 2011 Relay for Life team so stay tuned for that.

She has mainly joined Redbubble to give curry to me and to Fazza, but I reckon if you drop by and say hello, you’ll get some good quality razzin’ too.

Best seller

It’s official.
Flashback 2010 is now on the Blurb bestsellers list here
This is the bestseller list for all their titles, not just literature. So we’re up against the pretty picture books and photo journeys.

We really rock over in Flash Fiction Group.

Flashback 2010

Although no sales figures just yet, I can happily report the site has had almost 400 hits in just one week. Fingers crossed for when those sales figures finally come through (they’re official once orders are shipped). Will keep you posted. :)

October - Mr Baxter goes sewing

This is a sort of ‘boast’ yet not. It’s a quandary.…

I sort my head out for the day in the … you know what!
And it helps to know what day it is! So, first thing in the morning I look on the back of the door, check what day it is, then ponder the picture.

Last year, I checked the day and pondered the picture gladly, month by month, with the lovely images that Tom Godfrey put together for his 2009 calendar. That one is now hanging as art in my loungeroom.

This year, I’ve been short of round tuits and so my dunny door was blank for quite some time. Then, I was the lucky, lucky recipient of the Galactic Baxter calendar in a competition a few months back.

The only problem now … is that as I check the day and ponder the picture, while I sit on the loo, there’s a strange man in red shorts staring

The first time I've been 'skinny' in ages

Skinny is an interview forum in the Friends of Redbubble group which is a hosts group. I was asked to participate but since the interview would not be visible to those who are not members, I thought I’d post it here in a journal. Hope you enjoy.

I’ve been spotlighted, quizzed, interrogated, had my brains picked and my innermost thoughts extracted. So here’s “The Skinny”. Keep an eye on your bubblemail as you might be next:

I’m Anne van Alkemade (or Munnaminx, my username I’m adapting to an online persona) and I host Flash Fiction, Riginals (an attempt to recapture some of RB’s halcyon days, although not much of late), Phoenix Appeal (for charitable causes) and Redbubble Classifieds which is still under construction.

Art and creativity is essential to me although I’m not entirely sure why.

Looking for inspiration ... can you help?

A friend of mine works for Yooralla and gave me the heads up on a tshirt competition they’ve just launched.…

If you’re not familiar with Yooralla, it’s an amazing organisation that works with people, young and old, who have disabilities including Downs Syndrome, cerebral pulsy, and a whole range of autism spectrum conditions, people with both congenital and acquired brain injuries, intellectual disabilities and so forth.

Yooralla is the indigenous Australian word for Love. It is the name given to the organisation by its founder in 1918.

I truly want to enter the competition … not so much because the prize is nice, but I feel a connection with the organisation. No, I haven’t used their services, but may well do in the future. Those who don’t know me well, may not know that my daughter has a


Cathryn and I are working our fingers to the bone, typing in searches, clicking links and bringing together the very best of the Flash Fiction Group’s wonderful work, for the second annual collection.
Now that I have got the gratuitous advertisement out of the way, I just wanted to do a brief journal about what a very great joy it is to revisit these stories. Some are hilarious, some are poignant, some very dark indeed. But all have a wonderful, clever turn of phrase and even though they may deal with the darkest and most base of human nature, they are still as delightful to read as the rib ticklers.
We’re planning to have this book, bigger and better even than last year’s, ready in time for Christmas. I truly hope Redbubblers will consider the book for a place under the tree.

Mixing metaphors vs making new ones

rambling alert … just don’t know where I’m going with this at all

Before I even explain what I’m on about, I vote for the latter. So, now you know my bias, my bent, my preference and a new goal in my writings perhaps.

Mixed metaphors can be absolutely hilarious, especially to everyone other than the person who mixed them. Oddly enough (or not), if you mix your metaphors, usually you’re trying to make a point and you’re unaware you’ve done it. And your point is lost on every other laughing soul around you.

I feel that ‘metaphorically speaking’ just delays the point. If it’s important enough, make it plain English. If floral is what you want, don’t mix your metaphors. If you mix them make it comical and avoid the cliche pitfalls.

You could accuse me of being the pot calling the kettle a ke

PM Edition - Celebs Candidly – Monday 28 June

Rock Report
by Candice Chandler-Creptitude
Well, MJ is at it again … no, not Michael Jackson. He’s dead and being that I’m an existentialist I don’t believe the former King of Pop is doing anything more than lying beneath turf. I am, of course, referring to Mythic Jam and they’re basically producing more popular culture CRAP. The cynic in me says they’re just doing what they do to meet a deadline. The culturalist in me says it will never sell. The realist in me says it probably will sell to you bogons and consumers of all things crap.
My advice to MJ is to stop everything until you learn to play your instruments in more than one key. Stop trying to sing until you learn how to not sound like you’ve been up all night desperately trying to sing in key. Stop. Just stop. Go back to Twinkle T…

A new feeling of honour

Here she goes again rabbiting on about last weekend … however this is about an unexpected sense of pleasure from my successes last week (and if you missed all that news and would like to indulge me, it’s here).
The sale of my image ’C’mon Buster, let’s go’ left a question mark hanging over me. That always happens when I have a sale at our show because the organisers don’t divulge the purchaser’s name. This time, being that the image is of my daughter, although not clearly, I wondered and I know Robyn’s Dad was relatively unimpressed with it being put on show. I don’t like to succumb to paranoia but …
ANYWAY, today the purchaser approached me and revealed that it was ‘she’ who bought it. But the real sense of honour to me was her reasons why. The lady bought the image as a gift for her fr…

When it rains, it pours.

Danny posted about recognition and in my view it’s recognition that keeps us going in what is oft overlooked as a way of life. More often than not (I think) artists have to work at ‘something else’ just to keep us in pastels and canvas.
In recent months I’ve had a huge, dry spell which gained momentum in February when I quit freelancing for the local paper. The walls have been closing in at a great rate of knots but I’m glad to say my hissy fit (with some foundation) has passed and I’m back doing a little work for them again. Just not going to overdo it like I tend to.
Back to the recognition thing. This weekend has been absolutely huge for me. On Thursday I found out I had won the photography section of our local art show. I am so rapt. It’s the second year in a row that I’ve done th…

A very exciting couple of days

After months of doubt and worry about the future, the last couple of days have been like helium is to a balloon.…

Tonight was the launch of the 40th Annual Bacchus Marsh Rotary Club Art Show and Sale, a local affair that I like to try to enter something into each year, and in recent years with a little success. Tonight was no different; I won the photography section of the show for the second year running. This year’s image, Foggy Morning – Darley, must have caught the judge’s eye because there it was up on the stage with the first place card on it.
To be perfectly honest, I heard the news yesterday and have been just about busting out of my skin to tell someone. Soon after the call from the art show organisers, I got another call, this one from the organiser of another competition for

The angst of lost images

Although losing an image is a pain, there are so many avenues in the electronic age to retrieve them, from online libraries, to ‘undelete’ recovery software, so the title is not really so much about these, but more specifically about the image that only exists in your mind’s eye.
Last night, on my way home from buying our fortnightly treat of Maccas, Robyn and I drove past a house being renovated and out the front was a drum or barbecue blazing with some of the offcut wood. In the darkness (although only 6.30pm) the fire was flaring high up and casting the most brilliant orange glow over the newly installed bay window at the front of this weatherboard house. It was truly a beautiful scene.
Even though only a minute or two from home, by the time I dashed there, grabbed my camera, and returne…

The Power of Oooh.

Today’s been a day of mixed Ooohs. Firstly, perhaps to set the benchmark tone (kinda) I’ll just mention that my energy is very low owing to a week-long battle with some lurgy, chest infection and fever/shivers. But that’s all I’ll say on the wearisome downer of life. This journal does get much better.…

I delivered my two artworks to the local public hall at about lunchtime for next week’s annual art show. One is a piece I call “C’mon buster, let’s go” and is a monotone of Robyn rugged up and in a rather stark, wintery olive grove carrying a selectively coloured brown teddy bear. It’s a personal fave but whether it’s worthy of the art show or not time will tell.

But here comes the oooh factor. I am also entering Foggy morning – Darley. (Both this and the other image are hidden for the wee

My annual arty journey

Tomorrow (Sunday … well, technically later today) I’ll be taking a couple of my works out of their Redbubble parcel and delivering them to the local public hall for the annual Rotary Art Show. I always find this whole week coming quite nerve wracking. I don’t really know why. I’ve entered a few of these shows to date with some success. Yet each is like a brand new adventure in a way.…

This year’s is the 40th annual Rotary Art Show and Sale. Forty years it’s been going! Can you imagine that? I entered paintings about 20 years ago and after I overheard some really heartless remarks about my work from the ‘patrons’ it took me years to get up the courage and try again.

Then Redbubble came along! Yep, it took until three years ago … because suddenly I’d found a community of people who were ever

PM Edition - Celebs Candidly - Thursday May 20

Rock Report
by Candice Chandler-Creptitude
Please give me strength people. Mythic Jam is trying again? And the operative word is ‘trying’. You have to give points to the little dears for plugging away at this thing called fame. But that’s the only thing I’ll give them points for as they pre-release lyrics for a song that hasn’t even been written yet.
Allow me to give you a summary of how the band of mythical figures has fared of late.
It was only two months ago that MJ decided to call it quits amid slurs and slander thrown from one band member to the next like veritable coconut cream pies a la Gilligan’s Island. Lurid photographs posted by one member of another, accusations of incompetence and so forth abounded. It was BOUND to happen. The band was fond of spouting off about their competition…

Stick it! Stick it good!

These days, if I tell you to “stick it”, chances are I’m not being rude. I’m just giving you helpful instructions.…

Today, when I heard the flesh-crawling, spine-icing rattle of my letterbox, I need not have worried. The postie wasn’t delivering bills, he was popping a small, hard, cardboard envelope into my slot that I welcomed more than just about anything – my Redbubble STICKERS.

What can you do in the wonderful, wonderful world of Stickers?
Well, here are just some of the many things I’ve done in the five minutes after opening my present to me.

I can

Use them as a cobweb warning in the kid’s cubby house.

Tell the world the sun shines out of my bumper.

Put a timely warning up that nobody’s shoes are safe past this gate.

I could even … well … use them as bribery (which is most likely in t

I didn't sell a matted print

I really didn’t, not recently anyhow.
However, I did catch up with Danny and Mrs Danny, C2, Soxy and Fleur on Sunday. What a great day I had with perfect company on a beautiful, sunny Autumn afternoon beside the Yarra River.
Now, pictorially speaking, yes the cameras did come out. And here are some of my humble offerings.

Of course, tradition would have had it that there should have been a striped sox pic but sadly my own feet and ankles were naked and not fit for being captured in an image. So, I settled for a street performer’s garb (he was very good btw).

There was no particular point to our meet up; other than meeting in the flesh long-standing online friends. Made possible, of course, by Redbubble. Cathryn and I talked over a few things to do with the next Flash Fiction Flashb

Darnit, Jammit

Oh well, it’s all a learning curve I suppose. Spent the day playing clarinet, violin, water drips, recording voice, chickens, doors slamming. Mixed and mixed and mixed. Some great sounds. Some crap sounds. But it just didn’t come out the way I planned.
So the Mythic Jam track that would have been finished today was finished before I started. Back to the drawing board.
Don’t get me wrong. Mythic Jam is a crap band, but it has to be funny at the very least and there is just some Jamming crap that doesn’t even come up to that scratch.
But don’t despair. I am not finished with it just yet. Rant over. Now, spaghetti bol. and a car trip await.

On the 6.53am from Bacchus Marsh

A friend of mine travels to Melbourne to work each day, catching the 6.53am train. Who on earth is up, dressed and groomed, and ready for the day at that hour (I ask myself)? The answer is: all sorts of people who are likely a little tired, not quite ready to face the day, are bored for an hour, and have short attention spans.…

I’ve decided to take a leaf out of the book of sjLawford figuratively speaking, and plan to send a copy of the Flash Fiction anthology Flashback on a journey. Inside our little tome will be a note to the reader to read and pass it on and perhaps, if they care to, they can leave some feedback for us so we know where our stories are travelling.

I’ll keep you posted on how this goes. I’m mindful of the journey of the Snail Mail Project and how, after a dozen ‘

Images Project index

At the start of this year I embarked on a project to write short stories inspired by images found here on Redbubble, with the aim of a substantial written work each week. I called it the Images Project and asked through a journal if anyone would like me to write a story based on their photo or painting. I was overwhelmed with the response and have about 30 images.

The project stalled a tad, although I now have six completed stories.

More details on the project are here

And these are the links to the stories

by Lorraine Creagh
Story In these four walls

Boulders by Tom Godfrey
Story It Waits

Waterproof Wellies
by Wigs
Story Daddy’s with an angel

Tall Tales
based on this image

by Paul Grinzi

Clear Skies
based on this image

by Cathie Tranent

based on images by Christopher Ewing including

New super group about to be launched

For the ARSE challenge, tonight, new super group Mythic Jam will be launched. At this stage, details are a bit sketchy but if you want to check out some of the members before they took up their instruments, here are some links.

On the drums we have
Lead guitar is
Vocals the lovely

The band also has a number of members you may be familiar with, but you’ve never seen them like this! I just wonder how Grim manages the trombone, but he definitely does it with style.

Stay tuned.

Image Project update

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has responded to my Image Project invitation. In just 2 days I’ve had 16 people respond and some have suggested 2-3 images. Each and every one of them holds so much potential for the words.
If you don’t know what I’m on about, details are here
So far, as mentioned in the first journal, I’ve written a short story to Lorraine Creagh’s image Mazzotti Mansion, which basically has sparked the inspiration for me to take this on.
Currently, I’m half way through the second story, to an image I’m borrowing from Tom Godfrey.
I’m still very excited by this project and I hope that my words will do justice to your images.

by Lorraine Creagh
Story In these four walls

Boulders by Tom Godfrey
Story It Waits

Waterproof Wellies
by Wigs
Story Daddy’s with an angel

Have you got an image for me?

One of my unofficial, non-sanctioned New Year’s resolutions (I decided just now, three days late) is that I’d like to write a story a week AT LEAST.…

A couple of days ago Lorraine Creagh put out the call on Facebook for someone to write a story about one of her photos, the lovely Mazzotti Mansion and I felt somewhat inspired. In these four walls is what resulted. I’m pleased with the fact that I was able to respond and actually produce something, and quite pleased with the story itself. Perhaps the visual is what I need to kick start the process.

I find browsing around Redbubble eats up my time alarmingly. I get lost and distracted by the amazing work here, but because there is so much, writing doesn’t usually result. Perhaps its the wood for the trees or something like that.

My point? I’

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