My 2010 retrospective

Okay, Danny suggests I should review the year’s activities and it’s a bit of a scary thought. Will there be reams of links or hardly any? So here goes:

January 01, 2010: Lorraine Creagh put the call out to her friends on Facebook to put some words to her photograph of an old house in New South Wales.

I wrote the story In these four walls and felt hugely inspired to do other stories based on Redbubble images. My invitation out to bubblers was responded to by about 30 generous individuals. Even though the project was supposed to be a weekly deal (and I achieved this for the first two months) it is only trundling along now. However, a book will result a little further along and it is one of my ongoing key projects.

The list so far is here

Nope, not insulting you, my dear reader. This wonderful group has been pivotal in my own personal and artistic development since I became a member a couple of years ago. It consistently challenges you to twist and flex all that you know and some things you don’t, the most significant being I Am The Band which actually resulted, for me, in singing in public!!! That plus reuniting me with my violin and clarinet of childhood. No classic tunes resulted but certainly doors reopened. Big Mwahs to Danny and the others who participated. HUGELY inspirational. And I am hoping to improve on the journey this has sent me with this new ARSE mission

Haunting Emma continues:
Yep, the sequel to my novel is underway. Slowly but it is happening. As they say, It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. Also, Sculpt a third but relatively unrelated novel is trundling along. In the meantime, if you’ve not read the first one, pop over and buy a copy (They’re still available in the bubbleshop it seems).

For the third year in a row I scored a prize at the local Rotary Art Show, and for the second year in a row it was the first prize for photography. To say I’m chuffed is an understatement especially as I feel I was in incredible company at this year’s show.

The prize winning image has been used in the local Rotary Club’s calendar to raise funds for the global eradication of polio.

Flash Fiction
On Redbubble Flash Fiction Group continues to be my greatest love. And I must again pay tribute here to my co-host Cathryn who diligently kept the challenges going and providing much-needed support to yours truly throughout the year.

For the second year in a row, Flash Fiction Group has produced a fantastic book
Available now from Blurb.
Click the icon to preview (or better still buy)

At this point I dips me lid to Cathryn who is taking a rest from hosting and rejoining the throngs. So I do expect to see her work there from time to time. :) If not, we’ll just natter on the phone.

Well, I just checked my files and it appears incidental output (other than any of the above) is sequential i.e. 8 Flash Fictions, 9 poems and 10 short stories. It doesn’t seem much but I have to factor in the weekly articles for the local paper, correspondence and discussions both in meatspace and cyber et al which would account for the fact my keyboard is blank (lucky I touch type).

I’ve caught up with quite a few bubblers, including Cathryn, Danny, Cathie, locals Katrina, Trudi, David and introduced a couple including Fazza (my next door neighbour) and Serenity78 (my mad neighbour who lives the other side of Fazza … he’s a little scared of the sandwich effect here).

Yep, picked up the pencils again for real this year. Long story short, crazy Serenity78 has not taken ‘no’ for an answer and dragged me out nightclubbing. Yep, those who know me were flabbergasted that this lil ol’ wallflower with slight claustrophobic tendencies ACTUALLY walked into a darkened, crowded, noise-filled room and didn’t run out again screaming. How does this impact on my art? Well, around the same time, I started life drawing classes, something I’ve wanted to do for ages. So, instead of dancing out nightclubbing, I took artist diary and some lovely BLACK pencils and drew the dancers. More the freehanding and liberating feel from drawing in the dark, not being able to see what you’re doing, and having a few too many, the experience has been wonderful (and resulted in one or two free glasses of blanc). But it has unleashed a deep desire to express myself in this way.
Raw and scrawl I know, but it’s my monkeys and typewriters approach to sketching. With enough lines, one of them must be right.

Certainly all of this is not a definitive list of my artistic endeavours; more an overview really. But there you go and while the output is far greater than the outcome, I look at this and think wow, it’s been a year of trying heaps of new things.

I am surrounded both in real life and cyberspace by truly inspirational people. I am encouraged, invigorated, and pushed to live rather than exist. For this, I hold hand over heart and whisper thank you. xxx

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