Life's Talents

Life is one of the gifts we have that is often taken for granted. I live each day as if it were my last, and endulge in my passion, which is writing. Writing is an art that, I myself, can say is relaxing and moving. Depending on what words you use and hoy you use them can attract your audiences attention and grasp it wanting them to ask you for more. I have been writing for so long now and I see my growth as a writer began to take shape and form slowly with each passing day…at times I get discouraged or feel that my work is not good enough, but they say an artist is his/her worst critic, I believe them!

I would love to hear some feedback on my work is at all possible, I love other people’s opinions nd thoughts on my writings and a good artist needs good constructive criticism at all times….So, go checkout someof my writings either on here in the “writing” section for poetry or you can simply copy and paste these links below in your search browser to read them….thank you in advance for the support!

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