What writers want, what they really, really want...

Sunday afternoon, a bunch of writers, alcohol, olives, the irresponsible clicking of camera shutters etc etc. am still recovering after being derided variously as a James Dean look alike (kill me know) or Julian Lennon. It’s Charlotte Rampling you ingrates ! The young version.

Anyhoo – some brilliant ideas from the red bubblers, reproduced below.

  • Create interesting art covers for various writing works. the best go on the home page for a click through.
  • Yes to the opportunity to get constructive feedback but a few are nervous because they really don’t want that kind of input – perhaps a forum area or separate group for those who want others to give constructive feeback.
  • Publish me ! – a quarterly anthology predominantly for writers appeals.

and the list goes on…

A darn good start, I say.



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