It’s come and gone for another year. And this year, I need to extend a hearty “Screw You!” to my Multiple Sclerosis.

Christmas Day I was up early, as usual. Gifts for the kids were opened and again, as usual, I had the task of constructing/installing/repairing the cornucopia of presents.

Visitors were due to arrive just after 12. By which time I was back in bed and fast asleep.

Yes, the MS Poker Machine came up aces on Christmas Morning and I didn’t regain consciousness until mid-morning Boxing Day.

I guess for many Men, this would be some kind of God-send. No dealing with relatives or rambunctious children – just some quiet zeds in the bedroom. But on closer examination it’s not good at all.

It’s yet more evidence of the progression of this nasty disease. I hadn’t been working hard. I had only been up 5 or 6 hours and yet I went down like a ton of bricks for almost 24 hours.

I’ve previously joked about taking speed when fatigue hits – but I’m wondering now if legally prescribed amphetamines might help? I need to talk to a Doctor and find out for sure.

Anyway, I feel like I missed this Christmas. I’m not so much upset at the actuality of that rather I’m upset at the idea that my disease – that I’m fighting so damn hard – managed to get the better of me and took me away from family.

It’ time to up the ante somehow.

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