Mukesh Srivastava

Joined February 2009

An Indian Photographer Mukesh Srivastava made a successful foray into the digital arena. With the dawn of digital photography, Mukesh...

*Woo...Hoo.......Three WINS today!!!!!*

My Sweet Brother declared WINNER in a challenge Artificial Light Only in Focus and Lighting Group on 7.10.09

A Dangerous Photographer declared WINNER and Group Avatar in a challenge Group Avatar in The Male Photographer Group on 7.10.09

The Dangerous Photographer#2 was declared WINNER in another challenge Depth in The Male Photographer Group on 7.10.09

I am thankful to all the members from the core of heart for liking my work and voting for these images!!!!!!!

I am also thankful to the Hosts of Focus and Lighting Group and The Male Photographer Group for organizing such challenges!!!!!!!!!

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