"Ephemeral" 011 - Taking Stock

Taking Stock

1 The Kandinsky “Yellow Red Blue” phase has become rather prolonged.
There are a number of sub-plots that are in the midst of being played out.

2 This interim period provides the opportunity to explore other related avenues.
‘Ephemeral’ seems to have become entwined in a number of other projects.

1] “Yellow Red and Blue”
The song’s structure is finalised, however the process has thrown up the inevitable problem of ephemera to complicate the situation. The construction from a diverse ranges of sources has resulted in the need for a number of different versions.
[a] The ‘original’ polished version is still the focal point. The various ‘expert’ elements are still in the process of being assembled.
[b] However, Mufa’s involvement has meant that another more Mufa influenced version will be necessary. This is because Mufa’s close involvement has ‘caused’ Mufa to develop various deterministic elements that are now firmly a part of the project. For example, the nonsense lyrics have been amended, a Mufa associate has been recruited to provide a vocal and a video idea is in place.
© The ‘guitar’ arrangement is heading in a slightly different direction. This will eventually be accompanied by a video based on a donated image
[d] The suggestion was made that the music is well suited to a ‘Bonzo’ type ‘intro/outro’ treatment. This was too tempting to resist.
Each version will have its own elements, video, variations etc. In short there will be four different ‘works’. This is all in keeping with the ephemeral and uncertain nature of the essence of a piece of art. In addition each will provide a promising subject for conceptual deconstruction – and hopefully provide a further direction for the project.

2 Conceptual Symbiosis
mxsara’s “cubeCubed”, Revad’s “circuare”, Kafka’s suggestion of a triptych, the ‘peripheral’ challenge in the ‘Paintings Modern and Beyond’ group and even the ‘conceptual’ thread in the ‘Friendly General Discussion’ group have all criss-crossed the ‘Kandinsky’ stage – and the deterministic, opportunistic theme dictates that this collection of influences is drawn together to see what emerges.
The starting point is a ‘Yellow, Red and Blue’ triptych – shown here in situ:

This second image is a composite of six images – three are ‘originals’, three are ‘copies’, three are paintings and three are digital images:

These will be the raw material that will be used in the near future (I know not how!) to draw all the diverse conceptual influences together.

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