Always Wanted to Join REDBUBBLE

Well, I finally did it! After about a year or so of checking out RedBubble, I decided to dive into the print on demand site by means of one of RedBubble’s many contests. I happened to stumble across the site once again to see that the Rairoad Revival Tour was sponsoring a cool contest for tour t-shirts on RedBubble. I only had a day and a half to complete the challenge, but once I came up with my concept I cruised through and made the deadline with time to spare. Here is My Art Submission

My concept for contest was to illustrate a vintage steam engine with a variety of extinct species of animals on board its cars. Featured are the sabre tooth tiger, t-rex, woolly mammoth , dodo bird and trilobites each sporting musical instruments. Each of these species is extinct and has been for many years. Fortunately for all, they are resurrected and come together for an 8 stop jam session which is sure to revive us all. My goal was to create something unique and fun for the festivity and maybe get the attention of some of those judges. I hope that you enjoy the art.

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