Pretty Scary Music ( For Halloween )

Halloween Theme
Tubular bells
The Shining
Twin Peaks
Drive Away (End Credits) Thomas Newman, Lemony Snicket
Theme from “Sphere”
Into the Night Julee Cruise
Theme from “The Vampire Diaries”
Trekka Puscifer
Theme from “Amityville Horror”
Prince of Darkness Theme from “Dracula”
Theme from “Puppet Master”
Theme from “The Fog”
Six Feet Under (Main theme)
Julie’s Theme (I Still Know What You Did Last Summer)
End Credits (Sleepy Hollow)
X-Files Theme
Edward Scissor Hands
Tocatta and Fuge In D minor

MTNMAN'S Best of the Obscure, Music List

A selection of music for my friends that is comprised of my favorites that are not famous hits on the whole. Feel free to add lists of your own here in your comments, as I would love to find some music new to me. Once again the idea is to find music that others have not already heard, and is available on Itunes.…

In Particular 6:06 Blonde Redhead Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons
Heaven Is a Dark Place 3:52 The Hungry Ghost The Hungry Ghost
Jewel 3:05 Cranes EP Collection, Vol. 1 & 2
The Darkest Childe 5:54 Sophie B. Hawkins Timbre
Days 3:19 David Bowie Reality
Snakeface 3:33 Throwing Muses Facing the Wrong Way
New Killer Star 4:41 David Bowie Reality
The Book of Right-On 4:30 Joanna Newsom The Milk-Eyed Mender S
Precious Things 4:29 Tori Amos A Tori Amos Collection –

House Warming

Some of you may have noticed I have not posted or said much lately. The reason is I am rebuilding my fireplace. The new one will actually heat the house and have a “look” that is original and have a sense of belonging to this home. It is taking three months to complete. I have not taken time off for this project, and only on the weekends am I rested enough to tackle the never ending design problems and new tools, so that some wood gets cut and stone set in place. No photos as yet as I have decided this thing will be presented rather than shared as a work in progress.
I am writing about this because this project is the biggest thing I have attempted since my garden was built. The Fireplace sits right next to a window looking into my garden and up to now has not gotten a second glance. My go…

An Idea.

I would like Redbubble to offer a print where the image is always on the same size piece of paper. As if it were a page in a large coffee table book. Then we could buy so much more art and have a volume to which we could refer to when we speak of this place online, in our own homes… What do you all think about this?

Back to WORK!

Not all of you know that I have been home for two months recovering from a knee surgery that went exceedingly well. Tomorrow I return to work and my beloved “split shift.” During my break between my shifts I plan to catch up on my reading and actually learn how to operate my new D90 Nikon, and read a tall stack of magazines that has piled up since I returned to this schedule. Terry and I had contractors replace much of our flooring in our house and we are happy with the results.
There are quite a few new comers here at Redbubble who reinvigorating the site and exciting the rest of us. I salute you all…

50 Serious Questions

1. What is Your Favourite Hobby? Taking photos.
2. How Old were you when you left School? 26 Master of Fine Arts.
3. What was your first Pet? I consider my present cat Kizhi “my” first pet, since I decided to rescue him.
4. If you were a Fruit ,what kind would you be? Strawberry
5. If you were a Drink,what kind would you be? Sweet, malty Ale.
6. Have you ever Won a Prize? I won a plastic toy airplane when I was a child at a picnic.
7. What is your Favourite Food? Any well prepared food is my favorite.
8. If you Ruled the World,what would be your First Words? Tax oil until we are forced to ride bicycles and horses again…
9. What is your Favourite Film? Apocalypse Now.
10. If everyone was born without the unhappy Gene,would you be happy about this? I would be happy with the squalor that missing that…

This is "IT"

I just saw Michael Jackson’s “This is It” movie, directed by Kenny Ortega. I know of Michael Jackson only as a casual fan. I went to see this movie out of curiousity, more than out of reverence. Having seen “it” I now appreciate him far more than I have in the past and will for sure go buy whatever album is for sale with the soundtrack.…

Michael Jackson’s life was not a pretty fairy tale. He was born with an excess of talent in a family all to willing to exploit that talent. From the beginning one could understand why Michael had little grasp of the reality most people live, but he did possess what the people craved, he had talent, looks, taste and a compulsive desire to entertain in a big way. Numerous pop hits earned him a following that has not been diminished by his peronal excesses.

Paranormal Activity

I just saw this movie today, alone. I have no idea what you all have read about it, but I want to tell you it is worth seeing. It is popular with most critics, it is scary, and it is illuminating. There are ghosts and there are demons in many scary movies, but this one deals with a demon and a female it is pursuing. I got scared, I got chills, and even had tears of fear running down my face towards the end. It is very well done. I do not know the back story, or how it was made, but more than the “The Blair Witch” it struck a chord with me. Early in the tale the female protagonist describes the first time she saw the demon. She describe something I saw in my childhood that I never forgot. Something so real that I woke my brother up and showed him too as it danced at the foot of my bed. A …

A Matted Print Sale!

A nice stranger bought a print from me today of “Lower Yosemite Falls in a Spring Snow Storm”. I have noticed a rash of sales lately in people’s journals and it is very nice to be a part of that.…

It is often discussed, how great it would be, to make money doing something you love. Well it is great, but it is also exceedingly rare unless you include all the people who “love” to make money anyway they can. I know better artists than I who refuse to sell their works at all, and when approached by the “opportunity” they somehow feel they might be selling out. The only time I feel that is when something real is sold, and by that I mean a real painting or sculpture that leaves my possession and is now in the buyers hands.

I will share a story about selling art. I went to an Indian Pow Wow th

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