50 Serious Questions

1. What is Your Favourite Hobby? Taking photos.
2. How Old were you when you left School? 26 Master of Fine Arts.
3. What was your first Pet? I consider my present cat Kizhi “my” first pet, since I decided to rescue him.
4. If you were a Fruit ,what kind would you be? Strawberry
5. If you were a Drink,what kind would you be? Sweet, malty Ale.
6. Have you ever Won a Prize? I won a plastic toy airplane when I was a child at a picnic.
7. What is your Favourite Food? Any well prepared food is my favorite.
8. If you Ruled the World,what would be your First Words? Tax oil until we are forced to ride bicycles and horses again…
9. What is your Favourite Film? Apocalypse Now.
10. If everyone was born without the unhappy Gene,would you be happy about this? I would be happy with the squalor that missing that gene would create.
11. If you were the Opposite Sex which celebrity would you be? Dakota Fanning
12. If you could Time Travel,what Time would you go to? Back to the time of “cavemen”; How they lived fascinates me no end.
13. What is your Favourite Flower or Plant? Manzanita.
14. What is your Favourite Name? Rock (Jeeze, I should just change my name…)
15. If you won the Lottery what would you buy? A studio for making big sculpture and hire people who knew how to make what I designed.
16. What would you put on your Headstone? My ashes will be spread in Cascade Canyon.
17. If you had a choice of any ArtWork from RedBubble,who/what would it be? Laurenrabbit, and she is already on my walls.
18. Dinner with Five: Our friends in town.
19. If you were a Recipe what would you be? I want to be a photoshop filter recipe for turning photos into digital woodblock prints.
20. What is your Favourite Art Medium? Watercolor.
21. Who is your Favourite Artist? Lauren Simonutti (rabbit)
22. Name the One place you would Love to Visit? Petra, Jordan
23. Do you prefer Daytime or Nightime? Days, beginning and end.
24. What is the funniest Typo you have typed? I had an “anal emoticon” show up in a sentence where I wrote analyzed to the last friend I would ever want to see such a thing.
25. What is your Earliest Memory? Being in our Apt. in Ontario when I was five I think.
26. What would be your song for Karaoke? California Saga, Beach Boys
27. If you were to write a Book,what would be the First sentence? I was born…
28. What is your Own Favourite ArtWork? 3D Sculpture, in my gallery.
29. Pet Peeve,what is it? Narrow mindedness in others, LOL.
30. Your Favourite TV show? Survivor.
31. If you were an Animal,which kind would you be? Kizhi cat, my cat.
32. What kind of Super Hero would you be,what would be your Gift? Persuasion
33. If you could change something about Yourself,what would it be? Less anxiety please…
34. If you met an Alien what would your First words be? No way!
35. What is your best Subject for your ArtWork? Follies
36. If you’ve seen a UFO would it change your life? It did not.
37. What was the last thing that you laughed about? My Family Drama.
38. Do you believe in the After-Life? I am not sure I believe in this life…
39. Do you believe in Re-incarnation,if so ,what would you come back as? I have no memories or beliefs in this respect, but have been told by others that I have lived many lives.
40. What is the oldest possesion you have? I still have a miniature bridge I made of toothpicks when I was in High school.
41. Have you got any Tattoo’s,where would you have one? Just scars.
42. What is your Favourite Book? Jane Eyre, I love the movies of that story as well.
43. If Redbubble had its own TV channel would you still be online or both? Online is a “way” more interesting form of interaction than what I see on TV.
44. Sea or Land? Where water and land meet, can’t be beat.
45. What is the most Bizarre thing to happen to you? This involved messaging with a boyfriend (potential father) of a girl I am friends with while she was in the bathroom with a pregnancy kit. Turns out she was not pregnant!
46. If you were a Fairy Tale what one would you be? Hansel and Gretel.
47. What is the most Funniest,Humourous thing that has happened to you? That depends who did the laughing! If it was others, I was usually hurt and on the ground in pain…
48. What is the longest time you have went without sleep? Four days, and believe me it is not a good thing.
49. What is the Best thing that you Love about Redbubble? Being able to talk to people who are even the slightest bit interested in real art of any kind.
50.Did you like this Questionnaire? I enjoyed the questions!

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