I got my stuff!

I got my cards today, lots of them. Twenty from you all and about a hundred of mine. I also received a wonderful large laminated print of “Yosemite Day” which by the way will be a gift for someone in my family Christmas. The card quality is indeed very good though on some I have questions as to how they determine the crop. I would like to see more control over that aspect of the operation. I would like to see all of my image on a card when possible and it looks possible.I also sold a T-Shirt and one of my images “Navajo Falls” as a laminated print.

I live in Southern California which some of you may have heard is on fire! Yes though whole place is burning up and the winds are making sure no one feels safe tonight. There is nothing pleasant about the “Santa Ana” winds, 8 % humidity, trees and dust all over the place, closed freeways and streets, and there is something about this wind that makes you feel on edge, making you meaner and crankier! Not to mention homes lost and lives destroyed…

Thanks to all those who fave and watch me and share their thoughts about my work. You all have put so many ideas into my head that I will have to live another lifetime to pursue them all. I will say “Art on Line is not a Waste of Time”. It is the best thing that has happened for artists ever! Enjoying art here is so much better than participating in the self esteem destroying commercial art gallery system, where you lose more money and get less for what you do spend. I think so anyway… :)

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