Taking off!

Not me, the site Redbubble is beginning to feel “busy”. Comments, features and Bubblemail are starting to increase. People are learning how to work the site. Neighbors are saying hi to each other. Fine art is pouring in. Happy artists are glad to have another venue to share their work. Artists talking about art. It may not get much better than that for us folks who are compelled to create something and share it with others. Enjoy.

On another note, I myself have a lot of work up here and Redbubble says it should be your best work. I’m torn as to whether I should keep the number of pieces around a hundred in my gallery. I think the quality is fairly high on all my work but very few people go through all of a persons gallery, and then there is Fave fatigue where you realize you just can’t fave everything you like. So I ask you all should I keep the count low or keep building it up? There is not an easy answer, the stuff I have sold has not been the most popular, and some of my most popular works at other sites has not gotten as much attention here at Redbubble. A few of you have got to be realizing this same thing, what do you think?

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