It has been a big week.

I have been off work for just more than a week and a half. I set up a new computer, loaded software, did some therapy for my arm, (work injury) and met and got to “know” some of the “wildest” people on the internet. It is funny that they should choose Redbubble to hang out at. I’m glad they have though. To all of you here that have made my return to my “public” life worth it, I thank you.

Internet friendships, have been studied somewhere by somebody, but it seems to me that what goes on here is a recent phenomena. It could be bigger than the printing press in the way it has affected the social fabric of society. I say that because what goes on here is addicting, you want more and more. When I do go back to work a depression will set in due to withdrawal. I will feel as if I’m separated from those I want to hang with, even while I’m hanging with my work buddies.

Was the Gutenberg Bible addicting? I don’t think so…

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