Dear Broken Angel

I separate myself from you. Even as you plummet to the earth, a broken angel falling from the cloud of intoxication, I separate myself from you.
Do you remember the night you changed me forever? Disappearing with my truck, my money, leaving me to search for you in the black hours of early morning? It was the night I realized how much smarter than me you were, and that you would not be found unless you wanted to be found.
I remember giving up for the night, but I couldn’t sleep. I remember the orange glare from the neighbor’s halloween lights falling through the window on my face. I needed you to come back. But you didn’t. Not for three days. Horrible things had happened to you. You used the heroin even more. Still I stayed. God would not allow us to swap places. I asked.
You didn’t come back that night, but you have came back everytime we reach an end. Like a storm that upsets the balance of my life with your wind and rain. But I separate myself from you.
Please stay away.

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