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Plains, United States

Born in Montana, raised in California, I have been holding a camera most of my life. I particularly love photographing the grand...

How I got to this point: First Digital Camera

I’ve had a camera in my hand most of my life, progressing from a Brownie Box to an Instamatic, to my dad’s Kodak Rangefinder 35 mm, and eventually to my very own Zenit SLR and a range of other 35 mm SLRs and compact point and shoots. But in 1999, I bought my very first digital camera, a Panasonic PV-SD4090, a state-of-the-art instrument that recorded on floppy disks (remember those?), and even could take the Imation Superdisk that held 120 MB of data.

In October, 2000, my partner and I took a month long trip to Turkey with two cameras in hand, my Pentax SLR and the Panasonic. In a month’s time, I shot some twenty 36 exposure rolls of film and took some 560 plus digital images with the Panasonic. I know this figure because I just transferred the images from the hard drive of an old laptop to my current desktop computer, using Lightroom, and Lightroom gave me a count of 1130, which includes at least one duplicate of every image.

Now comes the fun part. 1.3 megapixels is nothing in today’s world, but back in 2000 it was really something. The images are also recorded as JPGs at 72 ppi. That’s not bad if you’re showing them online, but if I want to print them out, or share them in a forum such as RedBubble, I really would like them a bit larger. That’s where Perfect Resize comes in. Once I’ve opened an image in Photoshop CC 2015, I go to Automate and open Perfect Resize to enlarge the image to something closer to what I normally print, i.e. 12 × 18 inches at 300 ppi. Once enlarged, the images are not of the quality I get with my Nikon D7100, or even its predecessor the Nikon D80, but I’m amazed at just how good they do come out, and I’m having a great time reliving that wonderful trip.

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