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Capitalism is the social structure by which hording resources and taking advantage of the subsequent human desperation for personal gain is rewarded with heightened status, power, and an even greater ability to horde resources and take advantage of subsequent human desperation for personal gain in the future.

The rich have become rich only through brutality, thievery, or blunt selfishness. Those born to wealth inherited it from slavers, conquerors, or bandits. Those who attain wealth have done so through slavery, conquest, or a disgusting connection with those already in power by the aforementioned means.

If someone were to horde all of a region’s drinking water so that children died of thirst, we would mark them as a monster worthy of the utmost retribution.

Yet, when a small handful of people horde all of the capital required, in the modern world, to feed the starving and destitute masses, we laud them for their industry and thrift. We blame the hungry for their weakness, though their weakness and hunger share a common source. That source being the very lack created by those whom America and capitalism hold closest to its bosom.

Why do we not kill them? Why do we not rise up, burn down their mansions, and feast upon their fat? What have we to lose? What more can be taken from us? This joke called life?

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