The Guys #2

The Guys first drama
We came back to school (reluctantly) from term holidays and there was lots of activity going on because some new classrooms were being built. It was great because we could play on all the heaps of dirt and gravel near the new rooms.

One day, just before the bell rang at the end of lunch time we were watching a truck which was slowly backing through the school gates to dump another load of gravel on “Our” pile. Bunny was pretending to be the man who directs the truck, he was waiving his hands around and yelling “left a bit, that’s it, now a bit to the right”. He was doing this while walking backwards facing the truck cab. Lance yelled out to Bunny to watch out for some wooden planks that were right behind Bunny, but Bunny was too late, he tripped ofer the wood and feel in front of the trucks back wheels. He managed to slide his body away but the wheel ran over his left leg.

I can still hear his yelling over the sounds of all of us shouting to the driver to stop. Scaife jumped up on to the running board of the truck and banged on the window, that’s when the driver realised something was wrong.

The teachers made us all go inside and we watched through our classroom window as they loaded Bunny into an ambulance and then listened to the siren as it faded in the distance towards the next town where the hospital was.

Bunny was in hospital for a long time, or it seemed like a long time but for the first few days after the accident us Guys were the centre of attention, everybody wanted all the details like “Did you hear any bones cracking” “How much blood was there”. The four of us made up a lot of stuff and Bunny made up even more, especially all those lies about what he did at the hospital, when he came back to school on his crutches. Most of the time we used those crutches because lance invented a sort of cricket game using the crutches as bats… Bunny said he didn’t need them anyway.

The Guys #3

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