You don't have to mow the lawn again, ever!

For you guys who always try to find an excuse (like me) NOT to cut that ever growing lawn It’s official, the CSIRO has outlawed lawn mowing so now you can grab your camera, keyboard or paint brushes and do some real work.

Wayne Kirstine, Ian Galbally and Martin Hooper (My new hero’s)
School of Applied Sciences, Monash University, Churchill, Vic 3842, Australia
CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research, Aspendale, Vic 3195, Australia

Recently we have demonstrated that grass and cut grass are important sources of
volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions into the atmosphere. The production of
these VOCs can be traced back to plant growth, maintenance and wound defence
mechanisms. The gases emitted as part of these wound defence mechanisms are
responsible for the smell of freshly cut grass, and are also highly photochemically
reactive. These emissions from grass and cut grass are not currently included in
urban and global emissions inventories. Our preliminary estimate is that, within an
urban airshed, during the growing season, about one third of the emissions of
photochemically reactive VOCs come from grass and cut grass. These grass
emissions should be included in models of urban photochemical pollution so that
accurate smog predictions can be obtained."

If you want more ammunition I can email you the full PDF report.

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