Recent Challenge Winners

Really happy to have won a couple recent challenges! A Huge Thank You to the hosts for featuring the challenges (the extra time, thought and effort are greatly appreciated!) ~ and, to the participants and voters too!



Shared Win/ mine was 2nd


I would also like to add a very special thank you to Charlie Mclenehan at Country Gardens for the WONDERFUL feature presentation! Please CLICK HERE to view.

The time, thought and effort from hosts like Charlie really do elevate RB above the rest, and always will! It’s really an honor to be featured so beautifully ~ and it’s also made me want to do more for the fantastic artists in the groups I host, myself. You’ve gone the Extra Mile, Charlie! Thanks so much again! :-)


You’ve all probably noticed by now, that our sales here are suddenly visible and public, as are our views and faves.…

I don’t know your feelings on it… I can only say, I’m fine with views and faves but I think our sales should be PRIVATE. Some sell more than others. Some don’t sell at all. Up to now, those of us who wanted to have posted sales here in our journals, largely as a “thank you” to the buyers and/or a handy way to keep a record for ourselves. In listing sales publicly, once again RB has made another move to rock the boat with no consideration for the members and without our input. Some may think this is a Competition, all about The Sales ~ but for lots of us it isn’t/ never was.

I’ve been hosting here for over 7 years and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the # of Sa


Sold 2 cards

Cats have laws against this kind of thing

Thanks to the buyer! Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them!

sold 2 shirts

A Huge Thanks, whoever bought my newest Dr. Who shirts! :-))

Hope you’ll really like the products, and I know you’ll love the Big Premiere on Christmas Day! We (my other half and friends) will be watching with you! Have a Happy Christmas!

Somewhere… Dr. Who

Sold 2 shirts and calendar

A huge Thank You to the buyers of my shirt designs and calendar! I hope you enjoy the products as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Two shirts

Somewhere… Dr. Who


Visions out of Space and Time

(Click to see the pages if you’d like)

This calendar was done some time ago. I had hoped to do some new ones but the site won’t let me ~ nor will it let me edit calendars! ~ so I guess I’m out of luck on that. I did contact the RB staff, and they were prompt, kind and helpful… but nothing anyone’s suggested worked so far, I’m sad to say.

And to everybody else, my apologies for being absent; caught a case of flu which is why I haven’t been around. Still not up to snuff completely but feeling better now, so I hope to get on track again ASAP!

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