Holiday children books

The holiday children books will be a series of books for each major holiday of the year. It will have an educational/instructional section as well as a short story for parents to read to their children at night.

I am in the process of finishing my first holiday children book. It is for Christmas since it is the time of year. I have drawn on the computer the educational/instructional illustrations part first followed by writing the instructions. Secondly, I wrote the short story. Thirdly, I have painted all the illustrations for the story. Once I have finished all of the illustrations, I scanned in my illustrations and started on placing all of the pages together followed by the writing part.

Currently, I am editing all of the pages. Checking of misspellings, grammar, and common sense in the instructional part of the book. Overall, I am at 85% done with placing all the pages together, writing, illustrations, and some editing. My goal is to have it published before Christmas which I am publishing myself. My goal is near and I am fully working on it between work.

Before writing a book, make sure to understand the publishing services out there. If you want to go to a publisher to publish, it will cost a lot of money but they will edit your story and make sure it is proper. Also, some might give you certain benefits like reading in person at a book store and etc. Or you can publish it yourself which will cost less money or none for that matter. If you have good connection with a “language” teacher or someone who knows grammar very well than you should be set to go. I am for one happy I have help from my family (mainly my brother) and friends for the editing part.

My book goal is for children and adults to love reading my short story to their kid(s) but also to learn from the instructional part of my book. The instructional part is targeting children but also adults. I don’t believe you are ever too old to learn something new.

Once the Christmas book is done, I will start to illustrate my next book for Valentine’s Day. I have already started on the instructional part. I am skipping New Years since it is too close to publish. I will do it next year.

Hope you enjoyed reading my journal.
Please, follow me on for the book process. All illustrations of the short story is on there as well as the processing of the book.

P.S. I am not revealing the instructional part nor what the short story is about. Sorry!

Sophia Leboeuf

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