interlochen application 12-- short story Caro.l.

The Room Scooter.
Carol had always gotten everything she has ever wanted. One day the vroom Scooter came out. She really really wanted the scooter. It was the coolest thing around. Every one of her friends had one. When she went home that dad, she asked her dad " dad can you please buy me a Room Scooter, please."
“No, I just bought you a Scooter last month.” Her dad said.
"Dad, everyone in the neighbor hood has one, I’ll be the only l kid with out one. That is not fare daddy. " She said with a pout on her face.
“Why don’t you go earn one yourself, how much do they cost.”
“One hundred dollars.” Carol answered her dad.
“Well how about this, you earn fifty dollars and I will give you the other fifty to buy the scooter.”
"But dad, that is hard, I don’t know if I can do that dad.
“Honey if you put your mind to it, you can do anything.”

Carol went outside and sat on the sidewalk, there was no way she could earn fifty dollars. Carol thought and thought for a while. When she came up with an idea so great she thought she would ask Bethany to help her. Carol went accross the street where she knocked on the door. When Mr. Smith came to the door she asked him"Is Bethany here."
“Bethany, Carols at the door.” He yelled up the spiraling staircase.
Bethany came running down the stairs. “Hea Carol.” She said.
“Hea, beth, My dad won’t buy me the Room, instead I have to earn half of the money.”
“What, that crazy, how could he do that to you your only ten.”
“Yea, I know, I was thinking a Lemonade stand. Will you help me.”
“Yea.”Bethany said.
The two girls ran inside Carols house and walked up to Carols dad. “Daddy, can we have some cardboard, lemonade, and a table.”
“why do you need these items.”
“Lemonade stand.” Bethany quickly answered.
The two girls looked at each other, while Carol dad tought to him self.
“Great idea girls. I will be out with the stuff in just a couple minutes.” Carol’s dad said.
Carol and Bethany walked outside and got their markers ready. Carol’s dad came out with a small little table in his right arm and a piece of cardboard under his left arm, and a big bowl of lemonade.
"here your stuff you girls asked for, I am going to run back in a get some plastic cups, that you girls will need also. "
“Thanks dad.” carol said.
Carol’s dad came back out with some plastic cups and handed them to Bethany, Carol was making the poster. When Carol was finished making the sign, it read LEMONADE SALE 25 CENTS in nice big letters. Carol set the cardboard in front of the table and set the cups next to the the bowl.
“Oh, wait dad we forgot a way to put the lemonade in the cup. We need a spoon.” Carol said.
“Alright, Ill go get a spoon.”

A couple minutes later Carol’s dad cam out with a big soup spoon.
“Ok, here I will be inside if you girls need anything.” Carol’s dad said.
" alright dad thanks." Carol told her dad
The girls stood there for minutes, when they realized no one was coming.
" This lemonade stand is not that good." Bethany said.
" I agree, I got an idea." carol said.
Carol ran up to the end of the sidewalk and started yelling, “emonade for 25 cents. Come and get soem on this hot day.”
She yelled that a couple time, when someone acutally stopped and went to the lemonade stand.
“Hello sir, may I interest you in some Lemonade.” Bethany said.
“Yes, please and is there any way I could have about 45 glasses, for the guys back at the construction site.”
The girls, stunned, looked at each other.“Yes.” Carol said.
“Alright, we wil back in about 10 minutes. Heres the money in advance.”
The strange man handed Bethany a twenty. “Keep the change, young lady.”
The two girls started to make cups of lemonade, filled to the top and sat them to the side. About 7 minutes later, the man came back with a truck load of people. They each took a cup full of lemonade
" Can we please have another cup of lemonade, it was good espically for this hot day." A strange man asked.
“Um, yea.” Bethany said.
They started making more cups of lemonade, they each took another one and then got back into the bus. The man that had given them the first twenty dollars walked up to them.
“You girls make some great lemonade, how much money do I owe you girls.”
“Ten dollars sir.” Carol said.
"You can call me MIke, here you girls go. " Mike told them.
Mike handed them the ten dollar bill. The girls cheered with hapness. Carol’s dad walked out the front door, “Girls it getting late maybe you should pack up and call it a day.”
“But dad we only made 30 dollars and that not enough. Know how will I but the Room.”
“Honey give me the ten, you two keep the twenty, I just wanted to show you that money doesn’t grow on trees, you have to work hard to get what you want.”
“Really dad, Thanks I love. you.”
The two girls each got ten dollars, and they each had a Room Scooter, and they were both happy. Carol learned a lesson that day. That you can’t always get what you want, and sometimes you have to work hard to get the things you want.

interlochen application 12-- short story Caro.l.


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