Operation Bake sale. Interlochen application---essay.

Operation Bake Sale

The Idea
I often looked at my mother through the door’s window as I typed on the computer. I saw her and her eyes. They were deep and endless. The pain was so noticeable. When she moved, even a little, she would shout with pain. Only forty-six it seemed to me she was just a little to young for the pain she was going though everyday. Sometimes I started to cry when I saw her like that. The doctors said she had something called Fibromyalgia.

I had no idea what Fibromyalgia was. I looked it up on the internet. Good thing the internet was invented. Fibromyalgia is some kind of chronic pain disorder. I started to look into this thing that was destroying my mother. I got interested looking at dozens of sites dedicated towards Fibromyalgia. I had an idea. I wasn’t sure if it would work or not, but why not try, anything to help my mother, right?

The idea was to start a group to raise money toward Fibromyalgia research. I would
get my friends and have little fund-raisers. It was perfect, or so i thought. Jenna and I thought about it, and told my mother. My mother said it was a good idea. She told us to call lawyers and get there help, if we were serious. Over the next day or two Jenna and I sat there with a phone book open and called a couple dozen lawyers. Most were busy so we left messages. Two or three called us back. Turns out they weren’t the right kind of lawyers. So we called it quites. A couple days later I got a phone call from some lady named Julie. Her voice was soft, sweet and free. She was some kind of free lawyer. She had listened to my message and she was interested in helping us fund-raise for Fibromyalgia.

Julie and I talked for a while on the phone. She asked me dozens of questions. The most popular question from her and everyone else was “If you are serious.” Of course I was serious. I wasn’t going to be wasting my summer away if I wasn’t. We set an appointment to meet at her office. My mom was excited for me. She kept pointing to me that money was going to be an object though. The days couldn’t past fast enough. When the day finally came I dressed up, instead of jeans and a t-shirt out of the drier, I had ironed them.

She was like I expected. Medium height, brown eyes, skinny, and nice. The only differences was that she had brown hair. I thought she would have blonde hair. The conversation was dragging and short of boring. The decision was that I would just start a charter under the national foundation. I really would have liked to start my own organization, but I had no money. Maybe one day.

Jenna and I had made a list of possible options for the first fund-raiser. After asking my family’s opinion and some through thinking we decided a bake sale was the best idea, because it was the simplest and it would be the funnest for the first fund-raiser. Then later we would do something harder and more dedicating. We also needed something that could happen during the summer, because once the school year started I would be spending all my time on school work. I have to get in to Georgia Southern University. It is my dream school.

I loved baking, it was a more from the box sort of thing, but still. The only experience I had with bake sales was in six grade on Student Council when the school held a bake sale, and being on Student Council I had to help. It was fun. The bake sale was going to be harder than Jenna and I had first expected.


Jenna had gotten in some kind of trouble for the rest of the summer with her parents. I was left to do most of this by my self. I knew that I would need donations of goods and supplies for the bake sale. I opened the phone book and wrote down the name of some places that might donate, their location, and their phone number. I had maybe 25 places written down.

I waited till Monday to call because most people wouldn’t be there on a Sunday. Monday after I woke up I made an essay of what I would say so I didn’t stutter to much. Weis was the first one I called. “May I um, please speak to your manager,” was the first thing I said as soon as someone picked up the phone. It wasn’t that bad, but I wasn’t done. I told the manager what I was doing, why I was doing it, and what I was looking for. It was a success. If I brought a letterhead over, he would give me a $20 gift card. Yes. First one, wow, I was amazed, but what was a letterhead?

I got off the chair and asked my mom what a letterhead was. She said it was like a thing with organizations logos on it and stuff. She said I would have to contact the organization to get some. She also asked me where I was going to have the bake sale. Where was I going to have the bake sale? I hadn’t even thought about that before. Wow, how stupid could I be. Instead of looking for donations I looked for a bunch of places to have it. I called everywhere. Finally I talked to this guy from K-mart. He said I could come and have it there. I was so happy. That was out of the way. The next mission was to get letterheads from the lady of the organization.

I emailed the American Fibromyalgia Syndrome Association (AFSA) and asked them about letterheads and all that. I had already talked to Kristen, who was nice and sweet. She too had Fibromyalgia. Thats why she started up the organization. Her and my mom talked for about an hour on the phone just so I could start up a charter under her organization.

A couple days later I finally received an email back from her, she said she would send them out in a couple days. Great. Perfect, I could get back to getting donations. I called a bunch more places. Most saying no I am not interested. That was fine. A couple said yes, but very few. A few said all they had was raffle tickets. So they were no good. One or two even said to call back later. With only five or six places wanting to donate, I went over to my sister April’s house. She said she would help me. She was more objective and would most-likely be able to help me more than I was helping my self.

We made a another list of places that could help. She also got the news stations and newspapers phone numbers. First, she called the newspaper. They told her to email them what our fund-raiser was all about and they would put it in the newspaper. Then she called TV 10. Same thing. So great maybe I would get some help from that. Then we started to call some more of those places. Same responses: no, the manger wasn’t there, and one or two said yes. She asked me if I called McDonald’s. I told her yes but only thing they had was raffle tickets.

She said that maybe a raffle ticket drawing would be good. It would be good. I never thought of that before. That would earn us a little more money, and all that. So we called back McDonald’s and some of the other places that said they had raffle tickets. We got some good offers, Denny’s, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Jeffro’s. It was only a couple days till the back sale date. I called it quites. I would go get all the things that people said they would donate, then maybe make a couple things, and then bake sale.

That Thursday morning. Jake took me out to pick up all the stuff. First McDonald’s to get raffle tickets. We picked up almost everything. In fact I was having fun just sitting with Jake in the car. We were talking about things like the music on the radio and stupid things. I loved doing things with him. It didn’t happen too often. I had made him back track so many times just so we could be in the car longer.

I saw a doughnut place and told him to stop there. I walked in the door and held my head up high. I didn’t want to look like some scared wimp. I asked for the manager. Then I waited for like 3 minutes till he came to the front counter. I told him all about the bake sale that was on Saturday. And gave him the tax deductible letterhead. It was a success. I hadn’t even called this place, but it was a good thing I went in. He gave me two dozen doughnuts. I left and walked across the parking lot. And got into the car with the doughnuts. Jake looked at them and then looked at me “Nice, but when we get home I’m eating one.”

Thats exactly what I was thinking. I knew we couldn’t eat them though.We went home. I was amazed about how much stuff we had. I was hoping to make about five hundred dollars off of it all.I was sitting on the couch and the phone rang. I answered it. It was some lady saying she read the article in the paper and that she would like to donate something. Yes, amazing. April was right. Even though it was only one person. She was going to meet me a little bit before the bake sale started and she would give me the stuff. I wasn’t sure what she was going donate though.Friday my mom and I went shopping for some last minute materials. We got plates, spoons, forks, and some baking materials that we could bake that night. Just to have a couple extras at the bake sale. We got different kinds of muffins.

Joanna and I baked all that night. The blueberry muffins looked amazing. I so wanted some, so bad. I went to bed that night knowing tomorrow was going to be the bake sale. I knew that the money wouldn’t save my mom but maybe help find a cure. A cure would be good.

Bake sale Day.

I woke up to some laughter and found my mom and dad sitting on the couch watching some old movie that seemed to be from the old age. The house smelled like it always did. The people where the same people I normally woke up to every morning for the last year or so. I slept down stairs because of the fire. I had cleaned it. I guess I was still scared that something might happen, or the celling would give and fall on me. It also smelled funny, even though I cleaned my room and sprayed stuff in there all the time.
I am not sure why they don’t sleep up in the nice comfortable bed they have up stairs. I figure its because they don’t have the energy to walk up the stairs every night. As soon as my dad gets home from work he reads the newspaper at the kitchen table drinking a cup of freshly brewed hot coca. Then he ordereds me to put his choice of laundry in the washer and then he sits in his recliner and puts in one of the movies he got from Blockbuster last Saturday and tries to watch it. But the truth is within twenty minutes he is passed out. Not that I blame him. He is about 55 and the type of work he does, he shouldn’t be doing.—

I stood up and stretched my arms up in the air. I loved my bathroom. It was cluttered, just the way I like it. . The truth is all the mess reminds me of things I other wise would forget and sets me into a thinking mood. So I don’t go insane. If I don’t get at least 3 hours of pure thinking I go insane.

It was about 9:30. That was early realizing the time I normally got up the rest of the summer. I still couldn’t believe it. School was going to start in just a couple days.

The beginning of my summer was amazing. Jenna and I had so much fun, got in a little trouble, and for the first time I felt like I was normal. I wasn’t “normal”, not compared to the rest of the kids my age. The truth was I didn’t care. I hadn’t cared what people thought since fourth grade. Fourth grade was also the year I discovered my love for writing. I wrote a ton of short stories in my Scooby-Doo note book, my teacher actually liked one so much she made me read it in front of the entire class. It was about stars and how they were made. I remember that day I was scared but it was sort of amazing.

I have wanted to be a writer since fourth grade, I have wanted to go to Georgia Southern University since 7th grade. That was another fetish of my mine. I had to have every detail planned out or I go crazy.

There were a lot of things running through my mind. I was getting the last details ready, everything on the table and waiting for Perry, my uncle. When he finally got there, we loaded up the small tables and the big table in the car. The table was huge, Marissa and I had washed it off yesterday in the back yard. Perry had a hard time getting the table in his van. He finally did but I was going to have to let Marissa sit on my lap because the table was blocking her way. My brother Jake was going to load up moms car and pick up April, who was going to help me until mom got down with what ever she had to do. Joanna was also going to come with Jake and help out. When Perry pulled into K-Mart the three of us walked into K-Mart and I went to customer service and asked for the manager. I waited for a couple minutes and he finally came. I told him I was here for the bake sale and the old sing and song. He told me I could set up right next to the front doors.

Perry and Marissa were leaving, they had some party to go to. Marissa is so annoying sometimes but I loved her so much. I think the reason she bugged me so much was because she was so much like me. Perry was a single dad working hard to support his daughter. I babysat her often. And she was so much like me. I often gave her speeches about the war, how much a screw up Bush was, and a lot of things.She listened to me like I was this amazing teacher. She was just as stubborn as I was. But I knew she was like a little me. She can write too. And she is really good at it. I don’t know if she wants to be a writer like I do, but she loves it and she’s amazing. She is nine. I miss her like crazy now that she moved to state college.

I sat the table up next to the door, and I waited. Jake wasn’t here with all the stuff yet. I hadn’t even seen that lady that was going to bring donations. People where walking into K-Mart and staring at me. I just tried to pretend they weren’t there.

All of a sudden this old frail lady walked up to me. “Are you the girl with the bake sale.”

“Yes.” I said, I didn’t know her name, so I didn’t really know what to say. I couldn’t say yes old lady are you the old lady that is donating stuff.

She handed me the basket and said good luck. And then like that she was gone. She just left, so fast. Like she had to be somewhere. I set her stuff up on my big table. I sat down on the old rusty bench. It seemed to be a half an hour before they finally got here.

I asked them what took so long. April said that Jake picked her up and they came back to the house and she did all the dishes. Great thats just what I need. I was missing some customers here because April wanted to do the dishes because there were a lot of dishes and she didn’t want mom to get mad. There was a lot. Jake started to unload all the stuff, putting the bags with food in them on the table and almost everything else on the ground. He went to park the car. Joanna, April and I started unpacking. April and I were unpacking the foods on to the table some what in an organized manner. Joanna hung up the poster and unloaded the bags on the ground.

Things were just running though my mind, were we going to be successful. Would we even sale anything. Luckily April said that there had to be a better way to organize this mess(the table of baked goods). We organized them, to which seemed the best way. Joanna was finally down hanging up the poster that my brother had made me. April called out bake sale a couple times. People started to come. People favored certain things. The rice crispy treats went fast.

There was this lady that came up to us. I wasn’t trying to be mean, but she looked like a wannabe classy lady combined with trailer trash. She said if we bought a package from her photo place she would buy $20 dollars of baked goods. Well why not. We did, and she bought more than $20 dollars worth from us. I guess we made out alright.

When it was 3:30 it was time to pack up. We still had some baked goods left so we told people who walked by that the food was a discount like two for fifty cents. They went faster.There were some muffins, that even I wouldn’t eat, so we gave them to these teenage kids that were standing outside K-Mart. They seemed to like them, which pleased me. I counted the money we had made $128. That wasn’t a lot. But I guess they could always buy a test tube or something. right.?

The day was fun. I had to go home and get prepared, get ready for tomorrow because we were going school shopping. Operation Bake Sale was over.

Operation Bake sale. Interlochen application---essay.


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