Showing looks like it could pay off

The main exhibition of my pictures is in February, but ahead of time I’ve exhibited a few of the pictures at work, in the staff room. I set them up last night and already someone is asking after buying one.

To be truthful, getting the number of works made up and arranging to show them has certainly been hassle so far. I’ve had to do a bit of negotiation and a little bit of business talk, but this is starting to pay off. Red Bubble themselves have been very supportive through all this; it has taken a fair bit of organising so far.

Pointing people at the web site should, I hope, also have a pay off for the rest of the red bubble community … people who would otherwise not have known about my little photographs, would otherwise not have known about red bubble and the many skilled artists in its community.

Just think of what could happen if everyone did a little exhibition of their work in their own back yards … that would be a lot of back yards and a lot of overall publicity for the whole red bubble community.

I’ll keep up with progress reports on the exhibiting and sales in future posts over the next few months.

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