February is comming...

February is comming, and I have to save four hundred pounds to place another order with Red Bubble. They will go on display at a local hall, and I have to arange leaflets promoting my Red Bubble shop and also put out a press release. All this in the midst of buying a house and moving, doing a nine to five and preparing my first film script for sale. I’m booking a bed in the local hospital for next year; I’m sure all this will end up with a stroke.

I’ve also put work up on photoshelter, where I hope that my initial submissions will earn me the credit of a two star photographer … we’ll see. I’ve also decided to use the remainder of my shutter point subscription to see if it sells anything … but I doubt it. It will be discontinued come April, when it expires.

The Hasselblad 500c/m has arived and a new film back for the Linhof Technika should be here soon. With 120/220 film still being very much in vogue among the professional photographers here, there isn’t too much problem getting hold of it and getting it developed and printed. Also, adaptors will ensure that when digital backs come down in price, I’ll be able to use them both … and they also fire my flash equipment perfectly … Wunderbar :-)

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