So much to do...

I’m still a long way off sorting through the excess of twenty gig of stuff that I shot on holiday last week. I’ve got nearly 4 gig of raws I’ve kept back, I’ve converted the personal shots to 1.3gig of jpegs and there is still 3gig of stuff to get through.

… and I’ve been looking through some of the other artwork that has been added to red bubble while I’ve been away … and still keeps getting added on a moment by moment basis. It is just stunning; and all raises the bar considerably.

Lately I’ve been concentrating on my photography blog and getting the experiments and experiences up there. The new piece of kit is a light meter, and it is making a big difference to my exposures. The problem now is that my camera has gone back again. I’m not too fussed ’cause that means I get a chance to catch up with other things that are going on.

I just watched Dean Collins lighting DVD from the 1991 lecture. It is incredible what can be done with creative lighting but the technical aspects of it did draw the line between photographer and art director; making me aware that I am learning the technical side so that I can later be more effective when it comes to expressing the emotions within me.

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