National Trust - request denied

I had thought that the National Trust would be a bit more forgiving after I took some of my best shots while on a photography course and, on request of Sissinghurst Castle Gardens, granted them permission to use the best shots I had taken for their own pubicity. I was only asking to sell some of the flower shots I had taken, pictures which couldn’t be linked to Sissinghurst. The request was denied at a national level.

So here I am, with some truly wonderful shots … totally unable to let them sing. Me? Bitter? Yes. At no time did Sissinghurst promise or alude to anything that they couldn’t deliver, but I still feel hacked off about the whole thing. To give some of my best work, and to be allowed nothing in return … I just feel a sharp, emotional pain. The National Trust can be sure of one thing, though … generosity is not a one way street; and now this street is a dead end.

Will I be revoking the licence I’ve given them? No. At least my works will get the chance to live somewhere. I can at least offer them for viewing, if not for sale.

There is one other thing … next time, I certainly won’t be playing by the rules.

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