First sales

Well, my first few sales have actually been to myself. I’m not sitting on my jacksie waiting for sales to come to me, I’m going to go and get ’em.

I’ve got enough mounted to show off the range, and a canvas should be on the way (all I need now is permission to sell some of the shots I took at Sissinghurst Castle Garden, which aren’t on view here yet) and then finish off with a frame or two, certainly of “Distracted Feline” and … um … what else should I put in a frame?

Also, I’m working on a flyer … “Art … your way” that simply lists the ordering options available and points to my Red Bubble URL. Nice, simple and nearly maintenance free. The gallery space is waiting for me in February, so I’ve got to be ready to rumble by then. I just hope that if they start selling, that Red Bubble can keep up with the turnaround time :-D … well, you gotta think positive, haven’t you?

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