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Of all the words that have stuck to the ribs of my soul, poetry has been the most filling. Anna Quindlen.


Caressed like dandelions

My breath and yours entwined

Moving things

The things we take, the stuff we leave. / The boxes we tag, the soft swallow of tears. / The saucepan lid orphans, the cups we cherish. / A…

The joy of failure

Resilience…I am the storm

Carcinoma (swearing/language alert)


At Christmas (25 December 2015)

At Christmas the presents are insignificant.
Christmas Tree Shape Poem by msdebbie

Paradox (2015 re-write)

Indigestible fast food, or the comfort of slow cooking
Erasure poetry experiment #6 with Matthew Quick by msdebbie

The Silver Days

The Floating Hive

That shiver hunch

My heart beats me
Not easy to like me by msdebbie

perfect without achievements

colder than people tempted
Erasure poetry experiment #1 with Alice Munro by msdebbie Blackout poetry experiment #1 by msdebbie

Break from awareness

We ascended

New World Monkeys (v2.0)

The highway is a wet tongue

Friday, 28th November 2014

Words are my favourite thing; / meaningful and important. / However, sometimes numbers / are a useful identifier too. / For instance, in y…

Game violence

Why are there so many acronyms / in role playing games (RPGs)? / Rat-race jargon amid mindless violence; / a language I can barely comprehe…

Friendship vs takeship

Appreciate the people who enrich your life.
Friendship vs takeship by msdebbie

Eight Ways Bodies Whisper Love

Taste and scent mingle acutely

Courage and vulnerability

May courage and vulnerability make a difference, not be termed ridiculous.

A blessed milestone

Gratitude infuses my emotions

Anguish or Entitlement

I look at women / more readily / than I peruse men. / I watch men / warily, / carefully, / everywhere. / In bars, at work, / strolling arc…
In loving memory of Michael Lee by msdebbie

A Cemetery Conversation

Granite sometimes sparkling, sometimes dull and damaged.
ITD Features August 1st, 2014 by msdebbie

Riot or compliant

Returns means (perdy) profits earnings revenues dividends yields

An epigram for politicians

How to write an epigram that is witty, astute, intelligent, shrewd?

Musical trickery

If I whisper “I want you to want me” is it cheap trick / or letters to cleo you will wordlessly imagine?

Birthday Poem for Cherene

True friends are a rarity / and whether near or distant, / the special bonds held / tenderly are consistent. / True friends listen carefull…

Breaking or making traditions

I was raised in the way / of KJB John 14:6 / I am the way, the truth, / and the life: no man / cometh unto the Father, / but by me. / So…

Prose Poem on #day20

At four, I told my Pa Houston I wanted to be a paper plane. I was learning about lines, liked the simple composition of two wings and the s…

A letter to my future self on the 19th of April, …

Dear me, / So, the future! / SCARY is how / I once believed / it would be. / But not now, not / exactly. There’s still / plenty th…
Dear Younger Me by msdebbie

Letter to younger me

Dear Younger Me, / Well, I am still writing / poetry. Who’d guess, so / many years later! I / don’t think there is / too much …

Free write on #day17

This is not the way I write. My / mobile alarm set for five minutes hence / and still, I feel its ticking ticking / ticking near my rapid…
Freewrite by msdebbie

Letter to a person I admire

Dear Judy, / I want to thank you / for the books, / so many books! / The first of yours I ever / read: Are You There God? / It’s …

Wondering about writing “The End”

I hope it will be many and many days afar, / in a home of love and laughter, carefree. / Maybe located somewhere near the sea? / Ideally it…
In memoriam of Ivy May Houston by msdebbie

Brief tribute to good things which make me happy

I like celebrating good things, like love, tenderness, family, happiness.

Bad Pharma™ makes me sick

What does the word / pharmaceutical mean? / Adjective / - Relating to medicinal drugs, / or their preparation, use, or sale. / Noun / - …

Singapore Orchids

You call me / at Flinders Street / Station: Delicate, / swaying like the / drunken bloke in the / corner of the clocks. / Somehow subvers…

Cycles of violence (trigger warning: references d…

Perhaps the 15th is a payday? Generous and spending big. / Preceeding aggression and 14 belittling statements. / Or 13 acts of powerplay t…
the love that remains by msdebbie


The love that remains, / languid melancholy dream, / absence of saudade.


Not fast enough to photograph you / this morning, but I do enjoy / your laughter, kookaburra. / So joyous, crisp and clear / it is a pleasu…

Mindless Violence

like insects colliding mid-air for dismemberment purposes


Childhood is wordless. / It is an alphabet of future / tense: possibility unfurling, / a kite of wonderment. / Nostalgia is memory. / As ti…

Autobiographical item (trigger warning)



You are mine

CCTV Lament

Brisbane, a new home of mine, / I wince for this latest sign / of decline, discovered at Kurilpa Park, / reduced to just another shrine / o…

Anacardium Occidentale (Cashews)

Cooking is passion, / no need to fear. / Embrace it, / It absorbs rage, / frustration, the ache / of cooking for one. / Cooking is essentia…

Profound Intense Oceanic

Impulsive: without warning.

Things that make me happy

[Video] / Things that make me happy: / 1. Love; / 2. Friends; / 3. Family; / 4. Parents I admire; / 5. Grandparents with grandbabies; / 6. …

Regrets to rejuvenation

Regrets are for more than what we do not do.
Regrets by msdebbie

Two Zero One Four

I have always preferred words to numbers

Honeycomb geometry

This red fox conundrum

Slanted Speaking

I want the truth; not slanted speaking, not crooked dealing.


When life is moving too fast / and your fate feels forced. / When people mean well / but are unyielding and dominating. / Look for the ligh…

Show and Tell

To show the world: / Who I am. / To tell myself: / I am important, lovable, / so much bigger and better / than how I appear. / To understan…

Vortex, a vacuum

My sense of absence is an ache, / a hollow where my hand / quivers for your touch. / The connection of affection, / the smile without guile…

Thursday, the 6th of December, 2012.

When you were born, Ella, / it was Thursday, / the 6th of December.
Hustle by msdebbie Show and Tell by msdebbie

What is the point?

What is the point?

Sorg Stynja

You’re there. / That place. / Basket case. / Too hard. / Too real. / Too much. / You fall. / Empty. / Emotionless. / Unwell. / Uncert…

Nebulous Desire

The nebulous desire; the shrugging of labels; the delicate discoveries.

Never to know, never to seek

Love is not paint by numbers, we’re meant to experience wonder.

Oh to be Hardcore!

warping kindness for concrete hardness


Cape Tribulation contours an unusual embrace.


Today the world breaks.

Playing with petals

with each purposeful pull of the flower


There isn’t a monkey on my back.

New World Monkeys (v1.0)

Filthy, degraded, teeth bared

Details of the Co.lab: Words & Art exhibition…

cleaning her bedroom / ahead of plans to repaint
Playing around with Bryce 7.0 by msdebbie

Paradox (first draft)

The paradox of more or less: / more gadgets, less intimacy; / more information, less insight; / more pharmaceuticals, less health. / The pa…
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