Art, bubblers, creativity - a 2009 ABC

Ten was okay for me
The baker’s dozen (13)
Was a select list of such difficulty

So how about 26? An ABC acrostic?
That could be,
It just might be,
My favourite way yet…
To unveil what has inspired me!

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Anyone who doesn’t like being included in such things – please holler and I will remove accordingly! No offense taken either! Although I include some of the people from my baker’s dozen, I have not repeated the poems in question. This one is intended to be a better representation of art, photos and poetry – like the way Wigs did hers – but of course it is so often about the words for me…Ah well, think it represents enough reflection on the year. Very soon it shall be wine o’clock methinks!

A is for alphabet Especially

B is for Bellmusker
And her red notebook – we’ve not yet met in person, but I hope to be present in many of the evenings and afternoons which will feature in those beautiful pages throughout 2010

C is for caught out
Peter Macek superbly captured boy in the rain, Boston.

D is for dandelion
Wishes do come true is one of the nicest images I have visited in 2009 – thanks to Jenni77

E is for empty garden
This Elton John song is about John Lennon, so on the anniversary of his death, I went to see if anyone else had posted on it. In the usual synchronicity/serendipitous way, it led me to this powerful artwork from JenniferB aka Empty Garden

F is for fight club

One view of of I Am Jack’s Medulla Oblongata and HamishBirkbeck entered my watchlist LOL – kudos
Honourable mention here for Rubyjo and her gorgeous Fight like a girl win like a woman photo too xoxox

G is for gorgeous
I know, one of the most comment adjectives I apply on the bubble – but please, peruse this photo and tell me it is untrue! A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Hahaha, just noticed my comment to Leon Truong doesn’t use gorgeous – went for awesome instead. Ah well, this photo fits my criteria perfectly, anyways xoxo

H is for heartbreak
Clipics, aka Kriss, can make me cry every time I look at this tortured image! No small feat given how much the man usually makes me laugh xoxo

I is for Icarus
JW Southwick captured one of my favourite images of sunset, which I found after writing about over-reaching in Icarus

J is for joy
I either love the photo above – so cute! – or the more biased offering of my nephew, in one entited Birthday Joy

K is for kisses
And I love the kisses of sisters more so than any other – thanks Monkeyfoto

L is for leap
Jessica Tremp lifts my spirits every time I look at this gorgeous image

M is for Music Inspired Art
This is such a wonderful group to be involved in when music is such an inspiration to so many! Visit its pages and see so many beautiful images and songs. I was only featured once for a poem in 2009, but felt very privileged and honoured, Wormhole Journey

N is for natural wonders!
There are so many people who capture and draw beautiful trees, landscapes – but this one made me really excited to be taken back to Edward Scissorhands! Thank you Scott. Close second, because I am reading Call of the Wild to my niece and nephew is Aila

O is for ode to the broken. This is a wonderful poem from the lovely Christie Moses, that then led to a synchronicity exercise from me xoxo

P is for photographic encouragement
Before anyone thinks I am looking for false validation, please know – I am not. But I have been touched by anyone even bothering to glimpse some of the little things I’ve shared this year. I have just 36 photos, which have attracted 963 views and a lot of comments besides! I just wanted to share my favourite here in this positive, happy, shiny space – although it is a blurry sunset from a mobile phone, the fact TraceyMac liked it makes me love it xoxo

Q is for quiet
I have been privileged to share some words with Photo57 aka David in relation to his stunning image, entitled It was quiet, it was calm, it was magnificent

R is for rejuvenation
I wrote this poem for Lisa Jewell, in response to her comment on this poem by Ambient, which made me think of this lovely willow

S is for the sweet smell of a shoulder
This is captured by Luisa in Fatherhood is more than just a word

T is for Tori Amos
There are many people who relate to this most beautiful artist. The two for me she evokes are Sarah O’Rourke – especially What if I’m a mermaid – and ArcadiaTempest because she too is so rich with imagery, vibrant, unique, wonderful – which I elaborate on here LOL

U is for unique
This collaboration between two of the most beautiful bubblers I know touches me whenever I need reminding that we all can be unique – and should be celebrated for it! The I AM lines from Cassidy JK next to the beautiful photo by ShadowDancer aka PattyJo never fails to move me. Her laughter rocked through the air like sparks of electricity – oh yes, if only every day could feel like this!!!

V is for Victory
One of the earliest paintings I faved this year is called Strength, hope and beauty. Janne Kearney made me feel so intrigued by the woman triumphing from a horrendous masectomy by being tattooed and taking great pride in herself. Bravo!

W is for waterfront
Jane Keats has captured a sublime sunset – I love it! Geelong is a wonderful location to visit in Victoria.

XYZ is for Fractal XYZ
I’d never heard of fractal art until I stumbled across it on RB. This is a gorgeous example of it by Lyle Hatch

Love and laughter xoxo

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