Rat Rhymes on 3 October 2009

Apologies, I am a bit tipsy as I type this post – I’ve been to one of the best Saturday afternoon gatherings I can recall of my entire year!

To recap as best my tipsy mind will allow me:

1) Great people – including but not limited to




2) Great poetry especially



Fuck is just a word

When Darkness Descends

3) Mention of musos (and music-inspired poetry such as Jimi)

Missy HIggins


Damien Rice

Five Finger Death Punch

Martha Wainwright

Tears for Fears

4) For myself, I picked only three poems I considered suitable for reading or performance if you can call it that :)



Poetry is no place for a heart that’s a whore

Also, I would genuinely welcome comments or Bmail on any others people could pick for me to try out in a real live setting – unfortunately, I have realised I may need to practice and be more considered in my choices if I am not to feel overwhelmed or in awe of everyone else – which is not a bad thing, or self-denigrating – just reflective of my quest for perfection in all things LOL

Either way, I cannot wait for November 7 – the next Rat Rhymes xoxo

Where more
red wine
and beautiful poetry
- shall be mine!!!

And yours – as tempted/available for the delights of the Mallow Rat Rhymes

Hope to see you soon :)

Cheers big ears!
Deb xoxo

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