“AAAAhhhhh” the sound grew louder and louder as I’d turned to be mesmorized by the flashing film lights and more than a dozen young women screaming and literally crawling. Anthony farewell a well-known high fashion model stood there. Chin high and standing as if he were some God of the high heavens.
" Oh noooo" escaped my heavyly preped model as she stood in horror, realizing that Anthony farewell was all that natalie had been bragging about, her long distanced cousin. Natalie was fairly new to Bramford and ever since natalie started she has been making life miserable for julia. “Really I dont have time right now to discuss such small things, msssss?”
“Eli-za” before i could get to say my whole name natalie had carelessly walked away. What was a real model doing here at Bramford high at our very first ever fashion show I thought to, myself.
The backstage director were yelling at everyone " please, please I need everyone to hush we are on in 5,4…." As everyone was gathering for their places, the young women backstage were obviously still loudly excited that Anthony farewell had graced them with his presence.
“Ladies, 3,2 " The backstage director screamed. Remarkably everyone had quieted down before he could reach “Oneeee”
" This charming piece…, a clown suit?,the narrator stuttered. is perfect for clowning around just take a look at the ruby colored wig that just brightens the pale face of julia" Everyone in the crowd was hysterical as the narrator continued looking from his scripted lines pasted neatly on an meduim-sized index card.
I was devastated to see my beautiful model strutting the stage with a clown suit, What happened to the lovely evening gown that draped julia so gracefully even much more than it had natalie. I knew that someone was behind this nasty serade. Natalie.
rushing backstage to were julia had dressed previously. A note grazed the floor of the dressing room I picked the note off the floor. “Julia, darling there’s a change of plans wear whats in this bag for the fashion show tonight and remember change quickly dear we hadn’t much time” This was clearly some sort of sick joke.
I started back to the auditorium when I noticed passing the open viewed parking lot. On julia’s car
In big red letters read stay out of my way or else.
Rushing inside the auditorium “And for the grand finale he’s big, he’s strong,and famous the stunning Anthony farewell best of all he’s dressed to inpress with natalie’s designer…” The narrator went on in a elaboration.cameras flashed all over the audience was growing louder and louder.
looking for Julia i spotted her in her clown suit walking out of the auditorium in tears as Iwalked toward her I seen natalie running after her. " I am sorry that this had become this way for you julia, I wouldn’t have wished that on my worst enemie" Natalie said sympathecally.
I was in shock. If it hadn’t been Natalie then who was it that was behind all of this. My thoughts were interupted as i turned and saw , a short chubby girl not to delicate in the face smiling and laughing at julia as she watched her crying into natalie’s arm’s.
“Once and for all julia will feel the pain I felt everyday” she whispered into my ear. I was shocked and enraged. "Well young lady you have the nerve and oddessity to even brag to me about such….. "
Just like that she was gone. A fragment of my imagination . I went over to hug julia after her embarassing performance.
“Elizabeth I am just going to go home.” Julia said trying to hold back her tears. “That Natalie is destroying me she did this I am telling you she set me up.”
“Now there, I’m sure natalie is innocent”. I said thinking back to the quite strange looking girl from just a few minutes earlier.
"See, she has you fooled. Just like everyone else, she’s mad can’t you see?, but still you take up for her. " With that julia ran off to the student parking lot. I watched her get into her car from the inside. I walked closely to the window what happened to the massage that was painted unto her car? I looked closer, the girl from earlier sitting in julias passenger side staring back at me with a distorted face.
" Ms collier, I was startled, that was a great show congratulations" The principal Mr. Grenne said walking by with his hand on my shoulder.
I turned around looked up on the post board in the school’s hall there she was that short chubby girl. In a news article, girled killed in a student to student car crash.
Chills ran up my spine " this is the girl that julia ran into last summer. This is the girl julia killed.


Helena Cameron

Grand Blanc, United States

  • Artist

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