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Artist, Photographer, Writer, Mother and Wife. World Traveler. Loves hedgehogs, wildlife, macguyvering and positive influence! <3

It is one thing to borrow from someone else, but stealing....?

Funny how before you met me you were just someone that dated a LOT of guys.

Funny how my throwing myself on floors and being generally crazy used to cheer you up, make you laugh and spawn great times.

Funny how we used to paint and create and encourage.

Funny then how you took on some of my traits – the comedy, the crazy, the outlandishness.

Funny how you dropped the ball when you realised you were done sucking the energy and life out of me.

Funny how, once discarded,I felt dirty, used!

Funny how you’ve moved on to your next victim, using my personality to reel them in.

Funny how I’ll be the one laughing when you can’t keep up the pretense anymore.

I’m smiling already.

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