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This tutorial will show you how to add the title thumbnail images to your profile page and to link them to the image comment page.

1. Login To Redbubble
2. Click on your art the one in between account and clothing
3. This will bring you up to your page called My Art
4. You will see all of your art that you have uploaded to Redbubble
5. On the left side you will see all of the small thumbnails of your images
5. Now we want to add these to our profile page
6. Go to the top of this page and minimize this page and open up another one so that
you will sign into Redbubble again.(It helps with editing when you have two pages
of Redbubble pulled up).
7. Now on this page you will go to account and then edit my profile
8. Now we will go back to the other page that we minimized which is My Art page
9. You will follow these directions for as many of the thumbnails you wish to add to
your profile page.
10. Take your mouse and right click on top of the tumbnail
11. Click properties
12. Left click and hold down mouse and highlight the address url starting with the
http, be sure to go all the way to the right and down capturing all of this url.
13. Right click blue highlighted area and then left click copy and ok
14. Now we will go back to the Edit my Profile Page and go down to the About Me Box
15. Type an exclamation mark and then right click directly behind the ! and then click
paste, then we will want to add another exclamation mark directly behind this url
please remember no spaces at all…
16. Now we want to add a link so that members can view this image larger and
comment on this work
17. So we will simply add a : directly behind the !
18. Now lets go back and open up our other page
19. We now want to click on Show public View, this will open up the comment page
and a larger view of your image.
20. Once this page is open
21. Now we will want to go to the top of the page where we see the address bar
22. We will put our mouse into the address bar and right click and then left click copy
23. Now we want to open up our other page on our edit profile page
24. Directly behind the : you will right click and then left click paste
25. And then we will save changes at the bottom of this page
26. Follow these steps and add as many thumbnails to your profile page

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