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Adding work to display on the side of your comment pages Tutorial

Once you have signed in to Redbubble you will follow these steps to add and display your work on the side of your comment page…

1. Click on Art (the one of yours listed between account and clothing)
2. Now you should see the words My Art on the next page that pops up
3. This page displays all of your works that you have uploaded
4. Now from here lets choose edit right beside one of your image icons
5. Now we are on our edit page
6. From this page we will add those pretty little display images to the side of our
comment page.
7. To do this we start by clicking on Buy/Preview
8. Now you will see at the top all of the choices that you can choose from such
as Card, Matted Print, Laminated Print etc….
9. Click on the one that you wish to display on the side of your page
10. Ex… I am going to choose laminated print
11. So I simply click on Laminated Print
12. Now you should be seeing your laminated print of your image in white
13. you can choose to simply leave the border white or you may change it by
going over to the right side of the page and changing it in the border’s box.
14.Once you have chosen which way you want the image either in white or black
15. Lets now Right click on top of the image
16. Left click properties
17. another box will pop up
18. Look where you see the Address Url and you will see the url beside this.
19. We want to highlight this whole url by simply
20. Hold down your left mouse and start at the beginning of the url at the http
while holding down the left mouse we will scroll all the way to the right and then
bring your hand down making sure that you pick up the whole url. (it will all
turn blue)
21. Once highlighted we will let go of our left mouse and we will Right click and then
on copy and ok.
22. Now we will click on the back button until we get back to our edit page.
23. Once we have gotten back to our edit page we are now ready to add that image
24. Simply go to the Description Box
25. Type an exclamation mark
26. !
27. directly behind this exclamation mark we will right click our mouse and the paste
28. then directly behind this url we will add another exclamation mark. *DO NOT
29. Then scroll to the bottom of this page and click on Save this entry
30. your work is add
31. if you choose to display more on the side just simply do the same steps but
chosse a different one to use.
32. Now I know that you don’t see those pretty little image yet on this page so to see
them we can go to the right side of the page click where it says show public view
of this work
33. This will brin up your comment page and you will see those display images to
the right of the page.

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