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Categorizing and Links Tutorial

For all that want to add the words of each of your categories to your work and link them to those works of art, this tutorial is for you…

1.First of all you will want to make sure in your tags area of your works that you have the right tags so that these links will work.

2. Example… If I have a category on my profile page of Macro, I will want to add this tag of macro into the tags area of my works, being of those which are truly macro.
Or which ever category you use you will always want to make sure the tags are in the tags area of your works.

3. Now to add all of this to your profile page…

4. As I have mentioned in some of my other tutorials, I usually open up Redbubble two times, this makes editing your profile page alot easier, It is for me anyway…

5. Now… On one page that you have opened up you will want to go to My Bubble

6. Account

7. and then to Edit my Profile

8. Now… in the about me box let’s make a "

9. Then we will type in our category Macro

10. Right behind where we have typed Macro

11. We will type in another "

12. And then we will type in a :

13. Now we will type in http://

14. www.


16. com

17. /

18. people

19. /

20. here you will be typing in your username

21. /

22. art

23. /

24. everything

25. /

26. tags

27. /

28. than here you will type in whatever category you want, I used Macro

29, Save

30. You’re Done!

31. Now click on preview my profile page and your linked category should be there in the about me box…

Thanks for reading my tutorial and I hope this has helped you all…

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