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From Redbubble To Zazzle Tutorial

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Here is the steps to add your work and a buy at redbubble banner to zazzle…
You will first need to open both sites up Zazzle and Redbubble
On Zazzle you will need to Sign In
Go to my zazzle
then to manange my gallery
then to edit your appearance
In the top left click on Basic Information
Now shrink this down but do not close
Now go to Redbubble
Go to My bubble
then go to the right side where you will see Promote click on that
then go to where you see the A Lovely Flash Widget Thing!
copy that code in the box by left clicking right click left click on copy
now pull zazzle back up
and in the desciption box
right click, left click and paste and save

Your not finished!!!
Shrink zazzle back down but do not close
Go back to Redbubble where you just left
and do the same thing to the thing you see that says buy it a redbubble
now pull zazzle back up and in the description box do the same steps to add this into there too… Save
Now if you wanna see it all

Go to the top right and click on your name and it will all be on your gallery page right there in the top left.

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