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Hello bubblers,what fun I am having.We all read and hear of the demise of film,it has almost killed Kodak as they were not able to forsee the quick rise of digital especialy regarding the consumer market.Film is well and truly alive but only in the semi and pro market.All my news friends in the press gallery went digital 5 to 7 years ago with nikon D1s etc.
Film for Redbubblers is ofcourse still available and will be for maybe 2 to 3 years from now.Fujichrome velvia both in 35 m and 120 roll for medium format cameras is always available at proper camera stores and has been the best colour film for 20 years.When put in a medium format camera like a mamiya 645 or pentax,or a blad or anything supporting 120 roll film and you get it right ,then the results can be spectacular.Ie,transfered to disc with no photoshop 100 mb or more wil be available depending on the aspect ratio of your camera,ie,6×45,6×7 or if you are wealthy a panoramic fuji camera.
The point is this;if you are shooting on film with your 35 m camera that maybe 20 years old it doesnt matter.Bracket your shots,ie,take 10 shots of that sunset with different exposures,very under to very over.If the shot is that good, get it!.
Many of us now have a version of photoshop.When you get your film pics back on disc use it to tidy up.A tidied up 35 m image from a basic slr and chucked out the other end of photoshop will compete easily with something like my d200 nikon does.Film is not dead!The colour from the top quality films is still superior to the best digatal slrs and the colour quality using mediuam format cameras is well in front.(for the moment)
So many slr film cameras are around now for next to nothing,and if they can use your currunt digital slr lenses the so the better.Even medium format cameras are going for a song.So get in now,spend little money,and enjoy the magic(and ofcourse the potential heartbreak) of good quality film.
Good luck.Cheers Matt

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