Many thanks to all

I first heard about redbubble 10 days ago when a friend of mine who I used to work with at the ABC heard about it on JJJ.I realised at once that it was something I had been waiting for.
Two years ago I left my job at the ABC in Canberra Parliament house where I had edited the 7.30 report political stories for 5 years.Before that, 20 other years of tv news and current affairs both here and in Europe.I burnt out and need a change and this is it.
Photography has always been my passion and it was time to do it.So I quit,jumped into my old Pajero (whose name is Kato) and travelled in the bush for a year.Seperated,and now free,it was a wonderful revelation to be spared the normal trappings of modern life.A tent,some great camera gear,and now a chance to use it.Been back now for a year and enjoying my time with photography and spending time with my two daughters,12 and 10.Thankyou all for your comments,means alot.
CheersMatt Maguire.

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