Hi everyone!

We all like milestones and i’ve just reached another one. After a year and a half I’ve just got my 20,000th view with this image

South Bank Reflections

I’ve been on 19,999 for about 3 hours now and i wasn’t going to go to bed till it ticked over… But I will probably stop “reporting” these milstones soon as it seems like a little bit of self promotion which i’m not really good at….. but then isn’t that what Redbubble is all about?

The Last year and a half has been amazing. I’ve been inspired by all the work here and grown as artist in my own right. Thankyou everyone. And yes Puggs Its all your fault LOL

Here’s my stats….

Views :20,000
Favourites:: 344

Images on Redbubble: 174 of these 80 individual images have been featured (some more than once)
Total Features : 139

No sales though except for the ones i’ve bought myself so pull your fingers out and buy my work :)

Thankyou all for your support and inspiration I love this site.


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