One Year on.

Well my fellow Bubblers, It’s been 1 year since I joined Red Bubble.
I can’t remember the exact date but it was in October 2009.
In my own mind and in that year I’ve gone from just a guy with a camera to a Photographer or even a Photographic Artist.

The Artists on this site are exceptional. I have been inspired, challenged, Wowed, amazed, and confused :) by the myriad of work that you all do.
I have tried to emulate, well maybe not emulate but more to put my own spin on ideas that alone I would never have thought of.

I’ve tried some Black and white work and had it featured.
I’ve tried selective coloring and had it featured.
I’ve tried Macro and had it featured.
I’ve tried Still life, Negative Space Frozen moments, Wild life, Landscapes, Fire and Smoke shots, Water drops, Heavily processed images and even Bodyscapes and had them all featured.

I’ve tried just about every style of photographic art that I can think of. No correct that I didn’t think of them you all did.
I didn’t really know how diverse photographic art could be until I joined this site.
This site and all the artists on it have inspired me so much that i can’t begin to Thank let alone repay all you artists for helping me do what i do.
I don’t think I’ve found my niche yet but then I don’t really want to be in a niche . I want to experience and experiment with every form of photography that exists

I would Like to thank everyone in this site for inspiring me to be better than I thought I could be and I’d especially like to thank my longtime friend Puggs for encouraging me to join this site
.Without him I would still be posting Snaps onto Flickr.

I remember my 1st Journal Post where I was amazed at getting 6 features in one month. Now my Feature count is 93 including a Home page Feature and I have over 11600 views.
My Profile has all the images that have been featured in the last year.
The features and views are a measure of my impact on this site but what impacts me personally is the feeling that the sky’s the limit when it comes to artistic endeavours

THANKYOU REDBUBBLE…. You make a difference.

This site is great….

Thankyou to all.

P.S. I’m going to Bali again in a few days so expect some hopefully inspiring images from myself.

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