Ramsgate, Australia

In 1969, I enrolled in the “Art Teachers Conversion Course”. It was my first experience of formal art lessons. Soon other...

Much water, under the Bridge. As time goes by..........

O.K. This too, I’ve written before.
I’ve actually been looking for one particular photograph, to use as a subject for my next painting but, already having a reputation for being untidy (Elsewhere I’ve shown my first report card, in 1st class, where my teacher wrote that, fifty-seven years ago.)I’ve enhanced that by pulling apart photo albums, slide boxes, etc., etc. these last eleven years, to put pictures on the internet.
Going through the piles (now) of pictures I came across these again.
" Joop was twelve and Netty was six “…….I’ve heard many dozens of times. ….” when we migrated ".
Destined to partner up, one day, was thought to be the way things ought to be.

But different roads were taken and the great outcome is two very talented and intelligent ‘kids’ (Now adults), call me Dad. That’s what was meant to be.

No doubt.
Who would have worn the skirt
in the family?

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